The incredibly fun Super Stickman Golf series is back, better than ever! Super Stickman Golf 3 introduces all new courses, plenty of fun new power ups and collectibles, modes, and fun new multiplayer options. It’s Stickman golf as you know and love, but you can put a little “spin” on your game with hats and card power ups. Let’s get to golfing with our Super Stickman Golf 3 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t worry about the Bux!

Bux is the premium currency of the game and the courses will hide them around various holes. Be on the look out for them, but also if you manage to get all of them in a course you will receive an experience bonus. However, just keep in mind that the bux are usually in very hard to reach, out of the way places. In fact, some of them are even purposely placed over water hazards to make sure you suffer a penalty! With that said, it is usually better to not worry about the bux if you are going through a course for the first time. Just focus on getting your score under the par. You can always revisit the course later.

2. Save your Bux for card packs!

You can spend your hard earned bux in two different ways. You can either spend some to level up your golfer, or you can save up to purchase a card pack. Leveling up unlocks new courses for you to tackle, but the thing is you level up naturally by just completing the courses and objectives. The latter option is much more valuable. Save your bux to buy card packs, as card packs contains incredibly helpful hats, power ups, and sometimes they will even have experience point cards!

3. Try out the hats!

As you play and level up, you will earn free card packs. You will most likely obtain several hats from these cards. Be sure to try them out! Having a hat on will provide a beneficial effect to your game. Our favorites include:

  • The Red Mushroom hat shows you a short preview line of your expected trajectory after applying power. Very helpful when lining up those tricky shots.
  • The Viking hat nullifies water hazard penalties. Finding yourself at the bottom of the lake often? Try this hat on!
  • The Green Wizard hat makes your spin 25% stronger. Very useful for fine tuning your shot!

Of course, the hats you will get from the packs are completely random, so experiment with the ones you find and see which one is your favorite!

4. Use some spin!

During long range shots, after you have swung, a spin meter will show up in place of the power meter. Dragging the slider to the right or left will produce spin on your ball in the corresponding direction. If your shot is about to go sour, try spinning it immediately. Sometimes you might be able to save the shot! If you land near the hole and you are just inches away, trying spinning in the direction you need to go. The small boost might be enough to get you in.

5. Get used to the gimmicks!

After the first couple of courses, you will start encountering courses with gimmicks. For example, in Tour 2, the first course is Gravity Lab. The holes in this course have gravity zones that lift your ball if it enters them. You will have to master various gimmicks like this one over the course of the game, so be prepared for anything!

6. Take your time, plan your shots!

Keep in mind that there are no time limits or any real reason to rush. It is just you, the course, and your ball, so take as much time as you want planning your shot. Just remember though that once you start the power gauge and lock in the power, you cannot change it.

That’s all for Super Stickman Golf 3. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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