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Super Snail Guide – Tips and Tricks

Super Snail Guide – Tips and Tricks
Credit to QCPlay.

Did you ever imagine what a reddit shitpost would look like in the form of a game? Are you a meme lover? If so, you’re going to want to check out Super Snail, a game full of action and comedy that spoofs on internet culture. In the game, you play a little snail who manages to survive the apocalypse. The destruction of humanity was caused by a group of evil gods and you must go back in time to stop them before they became so powerful. It’s a hilarious game that anyone will enjoy, especially those Shonen lovers. These are all the best tips and tricks for Super Snail.

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Super Snail And Meme Culture

a character in super snail
Credit to QCPlay.

Super Snail is basically a spoof of anime and game culture, so if you tend to be on the normie side, you may not get a lot of the references in the game. There are a lot of spoofs on the style of JRPGs, like the leveling system, the long grinding, etc. You’ll also see a lot of commonly used quotes from Shonen anime. It’s not that deep though, even if you’re just someone who watches things like Naruto and Dragonball Z, you’ll still have context. In fact, you’ll catch more than half of the references. You can play this and still enjoy the silly story, but it may be best enjoyed by those who are familiar with the content that it’s a spoof of. This is because the gameplay itself is not something you’re really supposed to take seriously. Think of it as a Shonen RPG hidden inside an idle game.

How To Play Super Snail

Training in Super Snail.
Credit to QCPlay.

The beginning goal of the game is to explore the world you arrive to and defeat the apostles of the evil demon gods. There’s a few different maps and you’ll unlock each one as you progress. The apostles may have grunts that you have to defeat first before getting to them depending on who they are. Your movements are chosen in an RNG format, much like a board game or a Dungeons and Dragons format.

You have the choice to either speedrun your rolls or do them at a normal time. If you want to do shorter runs, click the arrows by the rectangle near the bottom of the screen. They do take a while, so you should go with the speedrun option when you can. As said, this game is meant to be more of a joke. After all, you’re playing a snail that can mutate.

How To Use Intel In Super Snail

In order to progress to uncover and defeat the apostles, you have to collect intel, which you do just by playing through the game and collecting points. When you want to unlock more intel, go to the bottom of the screen in the main traveling area. Tap the rectangle that says Intel to see what you can unlock. It will automatically recommend which one to unlock, so go with that. You’ll know when Intel is available to unlock when you see an exclamation point sign in front of the book on the left side. You can also do Agent Training here and redeem rewards for reaching certain milestones.

How To Level Your Snail In Super Snail

Bad news, you can’t make your snail look cute when it comes to customizing. This is about utility more than aesthetics. It’s not going to be a pretty sight no matter how you try. When your snail is ready to evolve to be stronger, the gene icon in the middle of the traveling map will have electricity around it.

Tap and choose the item that you want to transplant to your snail. You can also level the different parts of them here and choose new skills to give them as they get stronger. Start with the basic ones, like higher attack and HP, and then as you get to harder enemies, choose the more specific ones.

How To Progress In Super Snail

Getting food in Super Snail.
Credit to QCPlay.

Make sure that you complete the challenges that unlock when you beat the apostles, as those will allow you to bypass fighting them in future maps, giving you less work to complete. Also, you need food in order to travel and stay fueled. To replenish your food, go to the Supplies option on the page where you choose a destination. Press Auto Select that’s on the bottom center of the screen in order to properly optimize your resources, tap Replenish and you’ll be set to go. Also, if bodies being sliced in half grosses you out, this may not be the game for you.

Final Thoughts

Super Snail is raunchy, witty, and perfect for those who want an idle game with more sustenance than just your one-dimensional fishing simulator. It’s also fun to see if you can catch every reference in it because there’s a ton. If you spotted them all, you’re a true meme expert. Or maybe you just don’t leave the house but that’s okay. Either way, Super Snail is worth the try. You can download it on iOS and Google Play today!

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Super Snail Guide – Tips and Tricks