Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has had an amazing run, receiving two Fighters Passes that introduced 11 newcomers to the game. The last one of these additional characters is Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series, the most requested character on the Smash Bros Ballot launched back in 2015. Getting the character in Smash Ultimate was rather tricky, which is not surprising considering Disney is involved with the Kingdom Hearts series, but Nintendo pushed on and finally managed to get the Keyblade wielder into their popular fighting game.

So, is Sora as strong as he is in the main Kingdom Hearts games? Let’s find out.


Sora is yet another swordfighter, but he is rather different from all the others included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as he is a lightweight, thus he is easier to launch in the air compared to other characters. His lightweight status also grants him, however, great aerial mobility, with the ability to also use a special midair jump that makes him ascend with a curved trajectory. This jump can be used to throw off opponents and catch them off guard.

Sora also has a decent ground game thanks to some attacks that naturally combo into one another, and the ability to extend regular attacks into three-hit combos. To do so, you either need to hold the button or tap it repeatedly.

Special Attacks

Sora’s special moves are inspired by the character’s moveset in the Kingdom Hearts games, and make him a force to be reckoned with in the right hands.

Sora’s Neutral Special attack is Magic, which allows him to cast Firaga, a long-range projectile attack, Thundaga, a close-range thunder attack that is great for edgeguarding and keeping opponents away, and Blizzaga, a short-range projectile that can freeze opponents. The three spells count as energy projectiles, so they can be absorbed, reflected, and pocketed.

Sora’s Side Special is Sonic Blade, a fast thrust attack whose direction can be changed three times. Upon hit, the opponent will be locked on, allowing Sora to charge towards them without having to worry about missing. This move has to be used carefully, however, as it has it is somewhat slow and has a long recovery time, which makes it easy for fast characters to interrupt and punish it.

Sora’s Up Special is Aerial Sweep, a series of spinning slashes with good upward movement and decent speed.

Sora’s Down Special is Counterattack, a regular counterattack special that only covers the front. Interestingly enough, Counterattack deflects projectiles coming from both the front and the back, making it great while fighting multiple opponents that use projectile attacks with special trajectories, like Simon and Richter’s axe attacks.

Full Moveset

You can find the damage dealt by the entirety of Sora’s moveset below.

Neutral Attack2.8% (first hit), 2.6%(second hit), 4.2% (third hit)
Forward Tilt
7.2% (tap), 5.2% (first hit), 2.8% (second hit), 2.6% (third hit)
Up Tilt
0.8% (first-fourth hits), 1.2% (fifth hit), 4.6% (sixth hit)
Down Tilt
Forward Smash
Up Smash
0.6% (first hit ), 14.6% (second hit)
Down Smash
Dash Attack
9.6% (clean), 7.6% (mid), 7.2% (late)
Neutral Aerial
3.8% (first hit), 3.5% (second hit), 6.8% (third hit)
Forward Aerial
4.8% (first hit), 4%, (second hit), 6.8% (third hit)
Down Aerial9.8% (hit), 5.5% (landing)
Back Aerial13.2%
Forward Throw5% (hit), 3% (throw)
Up Throw
Back Throw
Down Throw
Neutral Special
Firaga: 5.6% (clean hit), 5.2% (mid), 4.8% (late) Thundaga: 5.2% (hits 1-3) Blizzaga: 5.2%
Side Special
Up Special3.8% (first hit), 2.1% (second-third hits), 4.6% (four hits)
Down Special1.4 times the damage of the opponent’s attack
Final Smash
16% (starting), 24% (cutscene), 10% (throw)

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