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Super Impossible Road Guide: Tips & Cheats To Getting Fast Times

Super Impossible Road Guide: Tips & Cheats To Getting Fast Times
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Welcome pilot to the most intense intergalactic races this galaxy has ever seen! Survive narrow hairpin turns, boost to intense speeds, and cut through the course with well-timed jumps in Super Impossible Road, a fast and frantic racing game and the sequel to the infamous Impossible Road.

Just following the rollercoaster tracks will not get you the best times, so in our Super Impossible Road tips and tricks guide we will show you the basics of every important track trick to know. Anything goes when you are in space, and you are going to have to utilize everything in your arsenal to get 1st place. Let’s get started with our Super Impossible Road cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to getting fast times!

The Main Stats of a Racer

Before you jump into any mode of Super Impossible Road, you will get the chance to customize your racer before you start. Knowing the ins and outs of each stat is the key to winning, and this is especially important for Career mode as different stats can help you with different objectives.

There are five main stats: steering, air control, boost capacity, recharge rate, and bounce damping.

Let us start with the most basic one: steering! The steering stat increases the rate at which your racer turns, meaning that a higher steering racer can take turns much sharper than a lower one. If you prefer traditional racing and tend to stick to the track, this stat is for you.

The second stat is air control. This stat determines how well your racer turns while you are airborne. If you like to jump off the track a lot and go for big shortcuts, it may pay to invest in some air control as it will allow you to control your landing zones better.

The third stat is boost capacity. This one is pretty self-explanatory: boost capacity determines the maximum capacity of your boost gauge. The more boost capacity you have, the longer you can boost. Boosting is a rather dangerous maneuver but can be extremely helpful in the right hands, so until you are a little more comfortable with the game’s controls and tracks, you can safely skip over this one.

The fourth stat is recharge rate, which determines how much boost is refilled every time you pass through a checkpoint gate. To demonstrate the difference, 4 points into recharge rate will fill up a normal boost gauge in four checkpoints, while 1 point into recharge rate will require around ten checkpoints. The difference is very noticeable, making recharge rate important if you like to boost along the track a lot.

The final stat is bounce damping, which determines how bouncy your racer is. If your bounce damping is high, you will hardly bounce when hitting the track after a jump, making it easier to orient yourself and regain control. If you lack bounce damping, you may go for another jump unintentionally. This stat is important if you like to cut around the track using big jumps.

Choose Your Parts

To get the stats you want, you will need to customize your parts. There are three parts for you to choose from: wheels, caps, and cores. Each part changes a certain stat, but the game does not tell you what, so we will list all of them and what they do here. Note: not every stat can reach 5 points!


+ Slight Increase
++ Moderate Increase
+++ Massive Increase
– Slight Decrease


  • Trinomo GX5: Steering++
  • XGrade 405: Bounce Damping++
  • Ersa Model 3: Steering+, Air Control+, Boost Capacity+
  • XGrade Razorback: Steering+++, Boost Capacity-
  • Escape 100: Steering+, Boost Capacity+, Bounce Damping++


  • Trinomo G5: Steering+, Air Control+
  • XGrade 495: Steering-, Air Control-, Recharge Rate++
  • Armada Composite: Steering++, Recharge Rate+, Air Control+
  • Armada Crosslight: Steering-, Air Control+, Boost Capacity+, Recharge Rate+
  • Reko 7s: Steering-, Air Control-, Boost Capacity+, Recharge Rate++


  • Type R: Steering++, Boost Capacity-,
  • Type T: Steering+, Boost Capacity++, Recharge Rate-
  • Type XZ: Steering -, Boost Capacity+++, Recharge Rate-
  • Type 9: Steering+++, Air Control-, Recharge Rate-

Campaign Challenges

When you play through the career mode, you will have to play though several different challenges. Each challenge has three stars for you to collect on it, though you do not necessarily need to get all of them in order to advance.

Time Trials are the first set of challenges you will come across. In these challenges, you race alone and your only objective is to reach the goal under a certain time limit. The faster you are, the more stars you will get. You will respawn if you fall off the track, but your time will not reset, so be sure to use the manual reset liberally.

Survival is the next challenge you will play through. Your only objective is to reach the goal, but you cannot respawn. That means that if you fall off the track, you must start from the beginning of the track. Survival does not grade you on time, so be sure to take turns as cautiously as you need to.

Ring Run is a high-flying mode where you must shoot yourself through several rings floating around the track. These rings are often flying out of bounds, so you will need to deliberately go off track to reach them. These challenges are great for introducing you to off-track shortcuts.

Race is the main mode and the challenge you will see the most. You will go up against other racers in an attempt to reach the goal first. You will need to use every trick you know to win these races!

Time Gate is like time trial mode but with a little more pressure. At the start of a race, you have a little bit under a minute to reach the next time gate. Reaching the gate will extend your time, but failing to get there will force you to start all over.

Jump Challenges are fun and fast, as they require you to skip checkpoint gates in order to score points. This means that you are forced to go off-track to skip sections of the track to get points.

Getting Big Air

Going off-track to get big shortcuts are for those who like to live life on the edge. Your roller should be set to have a lot of air control and bounce damping for maximum jump control.

Off-track shortcuts are the most risky, so it is advised to run through a track normally before you try to go for the big shortcuts. The first thing to do before you go off is to check your distance: is the next part of the track far? Is it below you? You need to be aware of these things!

If a track is below you, often times it will keep descending, and these can spell doom for you. If you are in the air for too long, your roller will be destroyed and you will respawn at your last checkpoint. That is another thing too – if you skip big chunks of the track and mess up, you will probably be kicked back to the beginning of the levle since you did not touch any checkpoint gates.

That being said, it never hurts to stop for a second and grab a checkpoint gate when you are doing big jumps. You can save a run if something goes wrong and you grabbed a gate recently!

Burning Through the Track

Staying on the track and racing normally is also viable, though it may become harder later on in the career. If you like to stick to the track, make sure your racer has steering and boost recharge and capacity.

The reason being is that if you want to keep up with the racers going off track, you will need to be constantly boosting at any chance you get. The tracks are not really designed to give you a lot of boost time, but you can squeeze them in here and there.

High turning is an absolute must if you want to take the sharp turns that Super Impossible Road throws at you a lot. Weak turning can make you hang on the edges of the track, losing precious seconds.

When you get comfortable enough, you should eventually start using off-track jumps to start getting ahead of the competition. With your superior steering and boost capabilities, you can do some sick jumps with a lot of boost power!

That’s all for our guide on Super Impossible Road. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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