Ready to explore some dungeons? Super Dangerous Dungeons is a challenging platformer inspired by classic 2D games. Make your way through four different dungeons, each with its own perilous theme. Spikes, pits, and all sorts of traps are abound of course, so it’s up to your platforming skills to make it through to the end! And us, of course! Let’s get started with our Super Dangerous Dungeons cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Get used to the controls!

It’s important to keep in mind that your little dungeon explorer has a bit of inertia to him. If you’re moving forward and jump, let go of the movement button and you’ll notice that they’ll keep on moving forward for a split second. Be sure you get used to this because this could throw you off on those tricky platforming moments!

2. Know the gimmick!

Each of the themed dungeons has its own gimmick that you’re going to need to work with in order to get through. The grass dungeon is relatively tame, but once you get to the water dungeon, things start to get tricky. You’ll have to work with water valves that lower and raise the water level. You’ll also need to make use of door switches and the like. When you get to a new dungeon, pay attention to how the levels are designed – they’re often set up so that they teach you about the new gimmick!

3. Take your time!

As you progress through the game, the platforming will get progressively harder. To make sure you don’t miss your jumps, take your time! There’s no time limit unless you’re doing the time trial mode, so don’t rush. Precision jumping and timing is key in this game, so patience is a virtue.

4. Master the jumping!

This sounds like it’s a given, but it’s a bit tricky in this game! When you tap the jump button, Timmy will do a short little hop. If you hold the jump button longer, you’ll go higher. Try to get a feel for how high you go, as you’re going to need to do precise jumps later on, mainly at the Water Dungeon boss level.

5. Try out Time Trial!

When you beat a dungeon, you can then replay it in time trial mode. Time trial mode is the same as regular mode, but you have a timer displayed on screen, and the game also keeps track of how many times you die. If you do well in time trial mode, you’ll get the second dungeon trophy for your troubles!

That’s all for Super Dangerous Dungeons! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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