Terry Cooper, one of the world’s greatest agents, has finally been killed. Yet, peace escapes him still – he is sent to the underworld “Necrosphere”, and now he must face a gauntlet of terrible obstacles to fight for a chance to be sent back to the “Normalsphere”.

Necrosphere is a 2D platforming metroidvania where players guide Terry through a maze full of literal death. Using only two buttons, players must carefully navigate a labyrinth full of fireballs, spike traps, crushing blocks, and more devilish traps.

Necrosphere is a game that gets straight to the point. Terry’s journey through the Necrosphere will last around 3 hours, but the game promises all challenge and no filler, so you have come to the right place if you are looking for a tough-as-nails platformer!

Over the course of Terry’s adventure, he will unlock new skills that help him reach new areas and get through obstacles easier, true the metroidvania formula. Of course, there are also plenty of secrets to be discovered!

Necrosphere is available now on the App Store for 2.99 USD.


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