The App Store is no stranger to fun and cute little platforming games, but the premiere platform adventure is none other than Super Cat Tales. We’ve got great news for fans of the furry explorers – Super Cat Tales 2 is officially here!

Alex the Cat is back, and he’s brought all of his friends from the original game with him! In this sequel to one of the best platforming games on mobile, Neko Land is invaded by a mysterious army robot soldiers. It’s up to Alex and the crew to save the day!

For fans of the first game, you will feel right at home. The simple one-touch controls are still here, and Alex and co still control with ease. There are new moves and level gimmicks to discover though, so there’s plenty of surprises for cat veterans!

With over 100 new levels and plenty of new cat friends each with their own unique abilities, Super Cat Tales 2 is shaping up to be an excellent sequel to an already legendary platforming series.

Download and play Super Cat Tales 2 right meow! You can grab it with your own paws off the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


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