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Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List of Monsters

Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List of Monsters
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Your job in Summoners War: Chronicles is to defeat Tefo, the evil king of the Galagons, but how will you do it without the right team? In this prequel to Summoners War: Sky Arena, players get to choose between three Summoners—Cleaf, Kina, and Orbia—at the beginning of the game.

And then comes the real fun! You can roam the big and beautiful world and capture and train over 350 different monsters with the goal to create an unstoppable team against the forces of darkness. To succeed, you will need to pay attention to your monsters’ growth and equipment, their elemental aspects, and the biome you’re exploring or fighting in, and our Summoner’s War: Chronicles strategy guide can be an excellent starting point.

With such a huge number of options, creating the perfect team will be overwhelming, so here’s our tier list of monsters in Summoners War: Chronicles to help you start.

Summoners War: Chronicles Monsters Tier List

SArchangel, Chimera, Dessert Queen, Ifrit, Jack-o-lantern, Joker, Kobold Bomber, Magic Knight, Mermaid, Monkey King, Occult Girl, Panda Warrior, Pirate Captain, Polar Queen, Sky Dancer, Sylph, Undine, Beast Monk, Valkyrja, Vampire
AAmazon, Battle Mammoth, Cow Girl, Epikion Priest, Griffon, Harg, Harpu, High Element, Howl, Imp Champion, Inferno, Inugami, Lizardman, Martial Cat, Mystic Witch, Penguin Knight, Vagabond, Werewolf
BCharger Shark, Elemental, Fairy, Frankenstein, Garuda, Golem, Gore, Grim Reaper, Harpy, Hellhound, Imp, Living armor, Mummy, Pixie, Salamander, Serpent, Warbear, Yeti
CBattle Scorpion, Maned Boar, Mischievous Bat, Monster Flower, Skull Soldier, Surprise Box
DForest Keeper, Ghost, Horned Frog, Low Elemental, Mimick, Mushroom, Sandman, Slime

The Best Summoners War: Chronicles Monsters

Deciding on the best monsters to follow your Summoner in various adventures definitely depends on personal preferences, but there are some combinations that just work better. Here are our choices for the best monsters in Summoners War: Chronicles, depending on your preferred Summoner.

Summoners War Chronicles tier list
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This Summoner relies on magic and fights from the sidelines. That’s why she needs a powerful attacker as the main sidekick, and there’s none better than a Fire-style Monkey King, who can devastate the opposing forces with his stick. Add a Fire- or a Light-style Archangel, who can fight as support or a knight, and you will have a small but powerful team.


Kina is first and foremost a healer, and you should take that into consideration when building your team around this Summoner. She is best combined with a Fire- or Light-style Chimera and a Water- or Wind-style Polar Queen, so you can wreak some real havoc on your enemies.


In contrast to Kina and Orbia, Cleaf loves to be front and center in a battle. Having that in mind, it’s best to pick monsters that will aid him from behind with excellent defense, mystical, or psychic powers. Our top choices for supporting Cleaf are a Wind-style Occult Girl and a Dark-style Vampire.

Struggling with in-game resources? Check out our article on the latest Summoners War: Chronicles codes that will help you stay on top of freebies and build a better and stronger team in no time.

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Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List of Monsters


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