Summon Princess Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass More Stages

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In today’s article we are going to go over all of the Summon Princess tips and cheats that we gathered so far and try to pass a lot of stages, upgrade your team and fight until you have achieved everything!

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In this game you will have a lot of things to do, from putting together the perfect team (with a good synergy and fighting power), to deploying them correctly and winning all of the battles. There are quite a lot of things to do in game, even though it is an idle game, so let me help you go over all of them that you need to know and share with you how to advance more into the game and how to get stronger!

So without further ado, here we will share with you all of the Summon Princess tips and tricks to help you pass more stages and get a stronger team!

Play through the first 10 stages

First and foremost, you should start to follow the game’s tutorial and summon the characters that it gives you, then you can move on forward and play the game by deploying the characters you have obtained, one by one.

This should help you clear the levels quite easy early on, because the very first stages of the game are the easiest. So basically what you should do is just summon new characters whenever you can, and then tap on the Leader Battle and Next button on top of the screen.

Also there on top of the screen you will see the number of the level you are currently at. Since the very first stage of the game has 10 levels, you should try and pass all of them because really there is no point going idle there.

Just rush through these because the real game will begin only after! Once you reached the second chapter, Wind Forest, you will start getting some more decent drops, gears and such and that’s why you should try to reach it ASAP!

My tip here: Don’t worry if you are stuck at stage 4 (2 – 4 or Wind Forest stage 4), because as soon as you reached level 15 you will be able to advance and play until level 9 (because for Wind Forest level 10 you need player level 19).

Summon your heroes

All that you need to focus on early on is summoning a few heroes so that you can have them fighting the battles, because until you do that, you will only have a few pets to fight with you!

So what I suggest that you do is first and foremost, start by playing the first chapter as I mentioned above, because this game will be played slowly and steadily. Since you will need to have a few more heroes, let me tell you what you need to summon them!

To summon a new hero you will need to head on to the Castle -> Summon and there you will have three types of summons:

Bliss Book summon: here you can summon any type of hero, from 1 star to 5 stars! It will require Floating Feathers which can be obtained through fighting, and by completing various quests and tasks.

Silver Valley Book summon: from this book you can only summon 3 star heroes and above, so it’s definitely the best summon out of all three. You can use Glory Feathers to summon without using Diamonds. One summon will cost 250 Diamonds, and 10 summons will cost 2200 Diamonds, so it’s definitely worth saving up 2200 Diamonds because you will get one summon for free!

Oath Book summon: from the Oath Book you can summon any hero between 2 and 5 stars, but you need Loving Hearts, which are acquired from in game friends, so you will need to have a few! One summon costs 10 Loving Hearts, be be careful because you can store up to a maximum of 1000 Loving Hearts, after which every heart that you claim will be wasted (because they cannot exceed 1000).

In my opinion it is the best to save 2200 Diamonds and summon 10 times, because then you will definitely get your money’s worth and you might end up getting some powerful 5 star hero in the process. Also, make sure that you always summon using your Bliss Books because they are obtained for free, so when you have the opportunity, use it!

Level up your heroes

In order to pass the game’s stages much easier, you are going to have to level up your heroes as well. You can do this by saving up Gold and Soul, and you can level up the heroes in the Hero tab.

Head on there and start leveling up the heroes that you will use mostly, a.k.a. the ones which are the strongest (and have the highest star rating). Since your Gold and Soul resources are a little limited at start, you should invest them mostly in your best heroes.

You can level them up to level 30 for start, because that is the limit, and if you want to level them up further, you are going to need some Gold Souls, which are not that easy to get. So therefore try to level up the heroes to the maximum level possible, then start upgrading their level, but do this only if you have some good 4 star or 5 star heroes, otherwise just wait to get them!

How to get Gold Souls? That’s pretty easy, yet hard to do! The Gold Souls are obtained by going to the Castle -> Virtual Altar and placing in there the heroes that you don’t really need, along with all the low level / star heroes.

Equip the gear, and equip it well!

No matter if you are fighting in the idle mode or if you are fighting actively, you should always make sure that you equip the best gears for your heroes. Just like with leveling, you should first equip the best gears to the heroes which are the highest stars, and then to the rest.

So simply head on to the Heroes tab and there you will see once you select a hero, that in the Equip tab you can Auto equip them with the best stuff or manually select what you want to equip.

At the beginning start by equipping any gear that you have, since it won’t make such a big impact, but once you start getting better stuff, make sure that you equip the best to your best heroes.

Craft new gears or improve the old ones!

Go visit the Castle tab -> Smithy and there you will see that almost any gear that you pick up can be combined into a better one! For example, if you have 3 Hawkeye Swords and you combine them using some Gold, you will be able to upgrade them into 1 Horse-blade!

I would suggest that you always try and combine your gears to form better ones, because while your are idly grinding, you will collect quite a lot, and if you want something in particular, then you should grind in an area which drops that (but I will detail more about this below).

A little tip for making Gold: If you have some old gears that you don’t really want to combine into better ones, or if you really need some extra Gold, you can also opt to sell your gears! Simply head on to the Bags and in the first tab (Equip) you will see the gears that you currently have and not equipped. Tap on the gear and select the Sell option to sell it for some Gold. (however, I think that fusing it into better gear is the better option)

Form lineup halos when you deploy your heroes

So this is a little tip that I have found very very useful, because even if you don’t have the best heroes just yet, it will give you a boost which is definitely helpful in taking down the enemies!

Basically when you deploy heroes, you will see that each of them has a certain Element. There are six elements in total, and each of them has either advantages or disadvantages against others:

– Fire is weak against Water, but strong against Wood

– Wood is weak against Fire, but strong against Censu

– Censu is weak against Wood, but strong against Water

– Water is weak against Censu, but strong against Fire

– Light and Spirit Shadow counter each other

Now depending on which of the elements your heroes have, you can make various combos and you will receive different bonuses when deploying the heroes! These are the bonuses you get:

Cooler: requires 6 Water heroes and will give you Dodge +5% and HP +20%

Efreet: requires 6 Fire heroes and will give you ATK +15% and HP +20%

Laiquendi: requires 6 Wood heroes and will give you Critical Hit +5% and HP +20%

Censu: requires 6 Censu heroes and will give you DEF Penetration +20% and HP +20%

Soma: requires 6 Light heroes and will give you Free Control Rate +30% and HP +20%

Spirit Shadow: requires 6 Spirit Shadow heroes and will give you Free Control Rate +30% and HP +20%

Treaty of Alliance: requires 1 hero of each Element and will give you ATK +10% and HP +10%

Good and Evil: requires 3 Light heroes and 3 Spirit Shadow heroes and will give you ATK +13.5% and HP +16%

Vitality: requires 3 Water heroes and 3 Wood heroes and will give you ATK +10% and HP +8%

Deathly Stillness: requires 3 Fire heroes and 3 Censu heroes and will give you ATK +8% and HP +10%

Bright: requires 2 Water heroes, 2 Wood heroes and 2 Light heroes and will give you ATK +11% and HP +13%

Blind Fire: requires 2 Fire heroes, 2 Censu heroes and 2 Spirit Shadow heroes and will give you ATK +13% and HP +11%

I would suggest that you always try and form any kind of lineup halo because the bonus will definitely be worth it!

Claim your free Gold and Diamonds!

Every single day you will be able to claim free Gold by tapping on the green + next to the Gold in the upper side of the screen. Head on there and always claim the free gold that you see because it will come in handy!

You can also claim free Diamonds by watching a short advertisement! You will receive 30 Diamonds per ad that you watch, so if you don’t mind watching ads, you can do this by tapping on the green + next to the Diamonds and selecting the first option Free Diamond.

Do your daily missions and claim daily rewards!

If you tap on the Menu in the upper left corner of the screen, you will see the Daily Mission option! Every single day you will receive new missions, so if you want to claim free Prayer Coins or Diamonds, this is a great place to do so!

Just make sure that you claim them before the in game day is over, because then the missions will reset and it’s a waste not to do them, since they are super easy to complete!

A little tip: If you want to save Diamonds, don’t bother with the “Complete Twice Alchemies” missions because they will require you to spend Diamonds to complete it (since it requires you to get Alchemy with Diamonds too – or free Gold with Diamonds) and the reward is only an Arena Ticket, so don’t worry about this mission.

Check the in game events and claim your Achievements!

You can see the daily in game events by heading on to the Menu -> tap on your profile icon, or simply tap on your profile icon in the game. The achievements are below, so check them out and if you can complete any of them, do so (and claim the rewards, of course)!

The other in game events can be found in the Menu -> Events, and whenever you have something that you can take part in, do it because the rewards are worth it and every little item that you get will help you improve your team power!

Also don’t forget about the log in rewards which you can claim every day for simply logging in to the game! If you don’t want to play the game that particular day, just simply log in to claim these rewards because you will get some very useful items from it!

Are you stuck? Go idle!

If you happen to get stuck in the game, the simplest option would be to go idle! Simply close the game and come back in a few hours because by the time you are back, your heroes will have collected several Souls and plenty of Gold, and if you are lucky they might even have some new hero shards!

Just keep in mind that the heroes can farm for up to 8 hours at a time, so if you are offline for more than 8 – or for 9 (for example) you will only get rewards for the first 8 hours that you went idle! So come back and claim the rewards after 8 hours tops, and then your idle time will reset and you’ll start gaining offline earnings again!

You can check out our gameplay video right here:

These would be all of our Summon Princess tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful tips and tricks about the game? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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Summon Princess Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass More Stages

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