Subscribe to My Adventure Guide: Tips & Cheats to Complete All Adventures

If you want to grab a ton of in-game subscribers and beat all stages in the game, our Subscribe to My Adventure guide that we’re sharing here today is the first thing you must check out. Learn all the tips and tricks to win battles and unlock everything in this game.

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Subscribe to My Adventure is an addictive, extremely unique RPG game available on mobile. It’s that type of game that you simply can’t put down: it has an amazing story, a great concept and a high enough challenge level that you won’t get bored.

But this also means that you might get stuck sooner or later and in order to prevent this, you should check out the Subscribe to My Adventure tips and cheats below!

Your choices matter

There will be plenty of interactions with various characters in this game (during your adventures or when chatting with others), and you will usually have to choose one answer out of two possible.

The choices you make will sometimes influence the way the story goes: for example, early on, you talk to your friend Warrior Meow and you have a chance to earn a ticket for a special in-game event from them.

If you don’t choose the right options, you will not receive the ticket and you will have to pay a hefty 1,000 coins to enter the mission (which is a lot especially early on in the game!).

Note: If you are stuck at the mission and you get the ticket from Warrior Meow but when you start the adventure, the guard says you don’t have it, make sure you actually equip the ticket from your backpack before starting the adventure. It took me a while to figure this out!

So, in conclusion, don’t just randomly tap the answer – your choices matter (sometimes) and influence the way the game unfolds, so spend some time thinking about what you really want to say.

Check out the main page stories and posts

The game’s interface is made to resemble a social media app. This means that you will have various tabs in which various things will happen: posts from various people, notifications, messages from friends and strangers.

You should check all these out (including the stories from the people you follow on the home screen) as there will sometimes be various rewards for you there. In some cases you will receive items, so definitely take your time to go through all the game’s content in these areas.

Fortunately, in most cases (except for the messages), you don’t really need to actually read everything – just tap them in order to “see” them and if there are any rewards to be won, you’ll get them!

Keep an eye on your backpack

Tapping the hamburger menu (the three lines) in the upper right corner gives you the chance to look at the backpack. This is where all your items will be stores, so make sure to check it out from time to time to know exactly what is there.

Know what items you have and use the ones that are instantly useful (like skill upgrades or equipment, for example) and keep a mental inventory of the others you can use during adventures (like healing potions, viewer boosts and whatnot).

It is wise to hoard up on your consumables and only use them when you know they will help you win a tough battle – usually in the main story (the red marked ones) – or when you really need that boost. This means that you should stick to your items for as long as possible and use them in the later stages of the game.

Use items prior to starting an adventure!

Sometimes, in order to complete a mission, get access to something within that mission or even to get a boost as mentioned above, you will have to actually select an item to use in that particular stage.

Even if you have an item required for a mission, the game won’t auto-use it – you will have to do it yourself. It’s the case of the gallery ticket that you need to equip early on in the game to visit the gallery.

So, if you have items that must be used, make sure to actually select them from your inventory before each battle!

Keep on streaming various adventures

“Streaming” basically means that you start one of the various adventures available in the game. This should be your main activity, as it is the only way you can get additional subscribers and make more money in the game.

The adventures in Subscribe to My Adventure get very difficult very fast, so you will soon find yourself hitting the proverbial wall and unable to progress. This is when grinding comes into play: simply start streaming as often as possible, doing your best to reach the end and most importantly, to get a lot of coins to be able to improve your character.

I am sharing a very important tip on how to easily make a lot of coins from adventures, so make sure you read this guide to the end!

But the idea is that you must stream often: even if you don’t manage to complete the adventure, you will still be able to get some coins and maybe even some subscribers that will help you long term.

Tips to easily win battles

As I said, battles will become very difficult very fast and if you are overpowered by a lot, there isn’t much you can do to win than just grind to make your character better. But for close battles, there are some strategies that work really well and I am sharing them with you.

All battles should follow the same pattern with each new round that you play if your main goal is that of winning the round as soon as possible (but also reap on some rewards):

1. Start by applying a shield before the enemy attacks. This way, you also have some time to wait to get some action points to use.

2. Attack once or twice, then apply a shield again. Rinse and repeat (this strategy works in most case).

It is very important to know that while you have the shield active, you shouldn’t perform any other action! Any action that you perform will cancel the shield so if you do like I was doing early on: applying a shield, then attacking immediately afterwards, it’s just a waste of resources!

3. But if it doesn’t work, you will have to add some other stuff in between the actions. One of the most important is to “Say Hi” which boosts your stream’s popularity. The higher the popularity of your stream, the better: your viewers will start donating money, but they will also send useful items your way, like free healing potions or bombs to attack the enemy.

If, on the contrary, the popularity of the stream is low, your viewers will be annoyed and send bombs your way, dealing further damage. Plus, they will not donate, so you won’t make money from the adventure!

Therefore, keeping an eye on your Stream’s popularity (the heart icon in the bottom right corner) is essential if you want to do well in battles.

Guide to Abilities

Your character can equip more abilities before each stream – each ability costs a set amount of energy and it can be upgraded up to three times in order to improve its stats.

Abilities are rotated in the game during each round: you can only choose one of three active in battle, but after using one, it will be replaced by another from the deck and so on.

Therefore, you need to be very careful when choosing not only the abilities that you bring into battle, but also how many you bring as having a lot of them isn’t necessarily an advantage.

For example, if you have a bunch of abilities that are very expensive (2 energy or more) and just one shield (or none), chances are you will lose often. If you have access to that shield often, though, you will have better chances at crushing your opponents.

So when selecting the abilities you bring into battle, try to limit yourself to 4 – or maximum 5 and also consider their price. Expensive abilities are really strong, but they’re difficult to cast. So find a good balance between 1-energy abilities and more expensive ones.

Your character’s attributes

Your character has a bunch of attributes as well in various categories – which are, unfortunately, not explained in the game and in most cases you don’t really know what they do (stuff like Charm, Humor and such).

What I do know is that the top 4 are very important: Health, Attack, Defense and Intelligence. These are pretty much self-explanatory as well and I consider them important as your main focus when spending points to increase their values.

I don’t think that you should invest into Health early on, though. Invest in Intelligence and Defense or Attack and Defense. Intelligence or Attack are used as damage multipliers by some of the items you can equip and you should improve these attributes based on the items you have.

Tip to Get tons of Money Easily

I managed to find a really easy way for you to get a lot of money in Subscribe to My Adventure, but it is a bit time consuming. However, it’s perfect if you hit a wall and you need a ton of money fast.

Here is what you have to do: first of all, only equip the following abilities before starting a battle where your main goal is to make money (and not necessarily complete it): Say Hi (the one that increases your stream’s popularity), Raise Shield and one damage dealing ability. And nothing else.

Now, start a side-quest (the orange-marked ones) or any type of quest, actually, as long as you can get a low damage dealing monster in the first wave: the damage dealt by the monster should be lower than your shield’s boost, or at least not a lot higher.

The point here will be for you to stay in that first round battle for as long as possible, maxing out the popularity of the stream. The more popular the stream (the heart in the bottom right corner is full), the higher the chances to get donations from your fans.

All you have to do is to activate the shield before the enemy attacks, then use the Say Hi ability to max out your stream’s popularity, activating the shield again before the enemy strikes. Rinse and repeat and you will end up the mission (no matter if you win it or not) with a ton of money in your purse.

As I said, this is time consuming but extremely rewarding, so make sure that you focus on doing this when you hit a wall and you need extra coins to progress.

Check the Grocery Store for goodies

The Grocery Store (tap the hamburger menu in the upper right corner and select it) is the place where you can spend your hard earned coins for buying all sorts of items, from skill books to various equipment types to improve your stats.

Make sure to keep an eye on it and purchase equipment to improve your stats. Have in mind that the really good items are extremely expensive, but if things are really difficult in-game and you simply aren’t able to get past any mission, you should invest in lower priced ones just to get your stats better.

But ideally, hoard up as many coins as possible (maybe using the tip above) and buy the better items from the beginning.

Get some free coins by watching ads

If you tap the menu button and select the “Halbook Marketplace” you can watch an ad to receive 20 coins. While this isn’t a lot at all having in mind that good items in the store cost several thousand coins, it is better than nothing so if you have some free time on hand, just look at an ad every now and then since every extra coin helps.

You can also watch video ads before starting an adventure to get more rewards – and this can sometimes prove even more useful if you combine it with the tactic I recommended above for making more in-game coins.

These would be our Subscribe to My Adventure tips and tricks for now. If you have additional strategies to add to our guide – as well as any type of observation or question, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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Subscribe to My Adventure Guide: Tips & Cheats to Complete All Adventures

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