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Subnautica Below Zero Diamond Guide: Best Locations for Diamonds

Subnautica Below Zero Diamond Guide: Best Locations for Diamonds
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Diamonds are one of the most valuable tools in Subnautica Below Zero. They can take a little bit of work to get, but once you do it a few times, it becomes just about second nature. Diamonds are used in crafting a lot of valuable things like the reinforced dive suit, laser cutter, and prawn suit drill arm.

How To Get Them In The Therma Spire Caves

The grav traps in subnautica: below zero.

To start, you’ll need to make a Grav Trap if you haven’t already. Grav Traps are really useful because they can trap both minerals and small fish.

Collect the fragments for its blueprint inside the Arctic Kelp Forest and the Shallow Twisty Bridges. After that, you’ll need a battery, a copper ore, and titanium to make one in the fabricator.

There are two main locations to find diamonds. The first is inside the Therma Spire Caves deep down where the lava geysers are. A good rule of thumb here is that anytime you want diamonds, you’ll have to go pretty deep down for them no matter what. To get to the Spire Caves, leave from Delta Island and go right. If the island is to the left of you, you’re going in the right direction. Another indicator is that the AI will remind you you’re getting close to geothermic activity. Try to stay near the border of the island on the route. As you keep moving southwest and south , you’ll notice some of the cliffs disappear, leaving sea that goes down into deep crevices. There should be a slight dip in the terrain that leads to open water.

the dip before getting down to the spire caves in subnautica: below zero

This is the spot where you want to start moving down. You’ll get to the Koppa Mining Site, which has coordinates -393, -139, -829. Head west and you’ll see a small but noticeable opening to a cave. It’s big enough to fit most vehicles through but keep in mind you’ll need to park it somewhere inside before you can get out to set up your traps. Do not park it on top of a geyser. Geysers can both burn you and damage your equipment, so use extreme caution when approaching them.

The cave to find diamonds in subnautica: below zero

Fortunately, there’s plenty of space in between them for you to both park and stand safely. Park your vehicle and get out. Place your Grav Trap and the diamonds will start to appear in them. Try to work quickly, as the lava can damage the trap, and you can possibly lose your harvest if it gets too damaged or breaks. You can bring a second Grav Trap to plant as well for maximum farming. Quickly grab the diamonds from the traps and head back up to the surface.

How To Get Them In The Deep Twisty Bridges

the twisty bridges in subnautica: below zero

This method is more suitable for players who have a little more in game experience. Either way, if you’re feeling a bit more daring, you can farm diamonds in the Deep Twisty Bridges. They are more plentiful down here and you don’t need a Grav Trap to do it. However, you need to go 380 meters down, which you’ll see is very deep, so your oxygen levels will deplete very fast there. As a result, it is recommended you bring a few high capacity tanks along with a rebreather.

On your compass, set a course for one spot right of south to get where you need to go and keep going in this direction. Once you get to about 150 meters or so, park your vehicle and swim all the way down until you get to 380 meters. On the floors of the rocky terrain, you’ll immeadiately notice the many diamonds around. Grab as many as you can hold in your inventory before quickly going back up. If you’re doing this route, be sure go back up as fast as you can, absolutely no pitstops are welcome here. This will be easier if you have some fins equipped for a speed increase.

A Word On The Local Wildlife

a squid shark in subnautica: below zero

You also may be be running into some aggressive fauna here such as the Squidshark and the Brute Shark. You can usually hear them before you see them, so keep an ear out for that. If you need extra oxygen, feel free to grab the oxygen plants down where you are. They look like spores attached to long stems.

an oxygen plant in subnautica: below zero

Those are the two most practical areas to find diamonds for all your crafting needs. Just remember, work fast and avoid the sharks!

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Subnautica Below Zero Diamond Guide: Best Locations for Diamonds


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