Stylish Sliding Puzzle Game Keen: One Girl Army Now Available on iOS, Android


Kim is a seemingly normal 8 year old girl who just wants to live her life in peace. She was abandoned at birth, and now she lives with her grandmother in a quiet little island village.

But when mysterious robot soldiers attack the island, Kim soon finds out that she is part of a legendary line of female warriors, and that her training to become one of them is about to begin…

Keen: One Girl Army is a stylish puzzle game that takes the classic sliding block genre and spins it on its head! The game plays out in a turn-based fashion – swipe the screen in any of the four cardinal directions to make Kim dash in that direction.

She will automatically slice and dice any evil robots that are in her way, and she will stop when she hits a wall or obstacle. Enemies only move when Kim does, so careful planning can help you line up multiple kills!

Each level has a certain objective to complete, whether that is to hit all the switches, solve some kind of puzzle, or eliminate all enemies in the room, Keen is constantly mixing things up. You might even need to do some puzzle solving with enemies on your tail!

Kim’s adventure will take her from quiet, lush forests to dark and alien laboratories. Along the way, she will power up and gain unlock new powers that let her demolish anything that stands in her way.

Keen: One Girl Army is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store for 7.99 USD.

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Stylish Sliding Puzzle Game Keen: One Girl Army Now Available on iOS, Android


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