There are a lot of stylish games available on the App Store, but none quite manage to achieve the same status as the classic Jet Set Radio. A very difficult task, considering how good the game is. Still, more games are trying to become as cool as the SEGA classic, and one upcoming game has the chance to do so.

Repulsive is a stylish hoverboarding game developed by Punk Labs. Despite what the name may imply, there will be nothing repulsive about the game.

Starring an unnamed hoverboarder, the game sees players perform tricks around a city to tear down a surveillance state. This is actually a pretty good excuse to pull out some sick tricks and show how no government can stop a stylish revolution.

Repulsive will not only feature a lot of cool tricks to pull off but also some hidden challenges and plenty of characters to unlock. Better yet, these won’t cost anything to unlock, as the game is lòaunching as a premium title with no IAPs or ads.

With so many interesting features, Repulsive has the chance to become one of the most interesting games launching on the App Store this year. Look for it on March 20th, when it will launch globally for the price of $4.99.


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