Street Fighter Duel: How to Clear Frozen Cave

Frozen Cave Street Fighter: Duel
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Street Fighter: Duel relies on the classic gacha-style turn-based combat mechanics, but it also features a puzzle or two that you encounter as you progress through the Explore tab and its segment Global Operation/Trial Grounds (available after you clear the stage 4-20).

One of the more challenging (and annoying!) parts of Trial Grounds is Frozen Cave, where you need to find a lot of treasures inside icicles but also fight various enemy groups and avoid falling into one of the pitfalls.

We have created this Street Fighter: Duel guide on how to clear Frozen Cave and nail this on the first try so that you don’t waste any more of your time trying out different approaches.

How to Clear Frozen Cave in Street Fighter: Duel

Before you and your team start the car and head into this frozen adventure, you should know that you should follow the advised path precisely. The car will keep moving in the direction you select unless you fall into the pit or hit a snowfield or a wall. Also, be prepared for the upcoming fights and select your team carefully. You can check out the latest Street Fighter: Duel codes and use the freebies to upgrade your heroes before this challenge.

Here are the directions you should follow to clear Frozen Cave in Street Fighter: Duel.

  • Head straight for just one field and then turn right before the pitfall
  • Continue moving forward across the ice until you hit the wall—the car will stop and you will have to face off against a team of enemies with 91k total power
  • Claim the rewards after you beat enemies and move up to the next fighting stop (enemy team power will be 97k)
  • Step onto the snow patch, turn left, and keep heading that way until you hit another wall and another snow patch
  • Go up towards the next fighting stop and defeat the enemy group lurking in that area (enemy team power—111k)
  • After the fight, turn right, drive until you hit the next snow patch, and move up from there until you reach the wall
  • Go left to the snow patch in the next row and immediately go down—you will heat an isolated stone island where you need to go left
  • Drive to the next snow patch and go up from there for just one field and turn left to get to the next fighting stop (enemy team power—118k)
  • After the fight, go up (don’t move to the cleared snow patch) and turn right at the wall to meet another group of enemies (enemy team power—126k)
  • Again, don’t drive on the cleared snow patch, but turn back instead and head left across the ice until you hit the wall, then head down to meet another enemy group (enemy team power—142k)
  • Move to the first cleared snow patch, head right to reach the wall, and then all the way down to reach another rocky obstacle
  • Go left to fight more enemies (enemy team power—186k)
  • Again, don’t move to the cleared patch of snow but head up from your ice field after you claim the rewards
  • After you reach the upper wall of rocks, you can go left and claim the frozen chest and then right to do the next battle (enemy team power—196k)
  • Go down, hit the rock, move right, then up again when you reach the wall, and fight more enemies (enemy team power—211k)
  • Move left to the wall corner, then go down, and then left again to clear another enemy group (enemy team power—238k)
  • Drive onto the patch of snow and then go up to meet the last group of enemies (enemy team power—305k)

After that fight, you will be able to claim the rewards and move on to the final chest, from which you get Fighting Soul. And that’s it! You’re free from Frozen Cave and ready for other Street Fighter: Duel adventures.

Let us know how it goes and explore other useful articles about Street Fighter: Duel in the dedicated section on TouchTapPlay!

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Street Fighter Duel: How to Clear Frozen Cave


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