The Battle Cats

The cute strategy game developed by Japanese team PONOS, The Battle Cats, has managed to become quite successful since its release a while back. In a new press statement sent to us earlier today, the team confirmed that The Battle Cats has been downloaded over 17 million times, a truly impressive result.

To celebrate the occasion and thank players for their support, the team is going to provide extra content and more incentives for newcomers next month. All users will receive one Rare Ticket which can be exchanged for powerful units as well as Cat Food tokens each day for 17 days, 10,000 experience points and three Rare Tickets if they have completed the tutorial stages and chapter One before February 28th.


The Battle Cats is aso going to receive extra missions next month. Crazed Cats Blitz Stages will be available for only 24 hours each, where players can earn the crazed version of their favorite units. The Monthly Event Revival is also going to bring back monthly special stages which have already appeared in the game in the past.

These new additions are only a small portion of what PONOS has in store, as the team is currently working on new stages, characters and features that will be made made available in late winter 2015.

The Battle Cats is now available for download for free on the App Store.




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