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StoneAge World Guide: Tips & Cheats To Building a Strong Lineup

StoneAge World Guide: Tips & Cheats To Building a Strong Lineup

Take a trip back in time and experience the prehistoric days all over again in StoneAge World, NetMarble’s newest MMORPG! Travel the land as you recruit wondrous creatures and use them to battle your way throughout the world. Recruit pigs, dinosaurs, snails – you name it and probably exists in the StoneAge World!

In our StoneAge World tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of battle and how to construct a good pet team. Using your pets correctly is the name of the game here, so let’s get started with our StoneAge World cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to building a strong lineup!

Pet Classes and You

All pets in StoneAge World belong to one of five categories, or “classes”. Classes show what the pet excels at and what it is susceptible to. Considering that there are five classes in the game and five slots in your lineup, it is usually a good idea to balance out your lineup.

First, we will talk about the most common class, the ATK class. These pets focus on one thing and one thing alone: pure, raw attack power. Pets of the ATK class have high natural attack, letting them deal good damage to the enemy team.

The second class is the DEF class. These pets have high natural defense, enabling them to take a beating before they go down. They often have skills that block and reduce the amount of damage taken, and some even have the ability to reflect damage back to foes.

The third class is the Suppress class. Pets in this class family have high elemental leverage, which grants them bonus damage when they attack a pet of the weaker element. This class is great at taking advantage of elemental weaknesses!

The fourth class is the AOE class. The pets in this class focus on dealing splash damage to multiple enemies at a time. They do not hit as hard as single target attacks, but they are invaluable when going up against big groups of enemies.

The final class is the Heal class. Pets in this class have restorative and support abilities. They can heal their allied pets when they are wounded, or they can grant them buffs that increase their combat potential temporarily.

It is up to you how to want to make up your team composition, but remember that a little variety never hurt anyone! We definitely recommend at the very least having a healer pet in your lineup to improve your survival rate.

Use Elements to Suppress the Enemy

There are four elements in StoneAge World, and every pet in the game belongs to one or two of the elements. They are fire, water, earth, and wind. StoneAge World uses the typical rock-paper-scissors elemental format, meaning pets with the advantageous element deal extra damage.

Fire beats wind, wind beats earth, earth beats water, and water beats fire!

However, there is a bit more to it than that. If you take a look at your pets, you will notice that their element is actually measured in a gauge. Certain pets can be attuned to their element more than other pets of the same element.

This also allows the pet to deal more damage, which is referred to by the game as “suppressing”. The stronger a pet’s element and the target, the more damage will be done.

Some pets will have two elements to them, but of varying leverages. The element that has the higher leverage is considered the pet’s main element, and that is the element that will be factored into damage calculations.

Say for example you have a fire Moga, who is a common dragon with full fire element. Attacking a fully attuned pet of the wind element will deal massive suppression damage!

Each element also adds bonus growth rate to a specific stat. Fire increases ATK, water increases max HP, earth increases DEF, and wind increases Agility. Keep this in mind when choosing one of the elemental variants of a pet if you want to fully max out its stats!

Use Growth Modifications Early

At level 30, you unlock the ability to modify your pets’ growth rates. Growth rates are numbers that determine how much stat growth a pet gets when they level up. Each pet has a unique growth rate, and you can see it in their stats page.

Initial growth rate is determined by the pet’s grade and rarity. Higher rarity pets have much better stat growth than lower rarity pets.

When you reach level 30, the first thing you should do is use your modification stones to improve the growth rate on your most valuable pet. The earlier you do this, the more the pet will be able to benefit from it.

Remember that growth rate affects stat boosts upon level up, so modifying a pet’s growth rate when they are already too high level will yield minimal results. It is best to start early for the biggest boosts!

Keep Capturing Pets

Even if you are not looking for a specific pet to recruit, it never hurts to capture random monsters that are just hanging out. Who knows – you might even run into a rare monitor during the battle. The chances are low, but you never know!

Regardless, capturing monsters never hurt. Keep in mind that you can always dismiss pets you do not need and you will be rewarded with pet coins that allow you to research stat boosts for your favorite pets.

You can also transfer experience points from one pet to another. If you get a higher rarity pet and you are not going to use your old one anymore, transfer the experience from your old pet to the new one.

The old pet is sent back to level 1, but your new pet gets a huge head start, which makes this worth the time to do.

Refer to the Codex for Specific Pets

Looking to capture a specific pet? Tap the three bars at the top right corner to open the options screen. Tap on the Codex, which shows you a bunch of helpful information.

The Codex shows you the locations of almost every pet and how to get them. If you can capture them, it will show you the world location, and it will also show you if you can hatch them from eggs.

Remember that finding 3-star and above pets is very hard, and you must constantly go into battle with every pet you see on the field. There is a random chance you may come across the rare pet in battle.

Leveling up Quickly

In order to truly open all possible options in StoneAge World, you need to level up until you are very high. A lot of pet raising options do not unlock until you are at least level 40, so you have quite a ways to go.

Thankfully, StoneAge World is one of those semi-auto games where you can put the game on autopilot and your character will run from quest to quest. The only thing you need to confirm are text boxes.

The key to leveling quickly in this game is to keep doing the main story quests. They will reward you with lots of stones and experience points upon completion, and the main story is SO long you will gain a lot of levels by the end of it.

As you progress through the main story, you may come across sudden quests and sub quests. Sudden quests trigger in certain areas randomly, and they are worth a bit of experience, so go ahead and do them when you have the time.

Sub quests are optional side quests that are picked up along the main story. These sub quests offer a way to gain additional items and experience, so you should do these as well.

Advanced Pet Customization

At level 45, you will have unlocked all the tools you need to improve you pets. Later on, you can start leveling their skills up so that they do more damage and heal more, but you Skill Cans which can be obtained from Margu’s Labyrinth, Treasure Maps, Shell Shop, Pet Project, and Archaeology.

You can also spend pet coins on pets to research their individual stats. You can choose to upgrade their HP, ATK, DEF, or Agility. If you do not know what to choose, a small little thumbs up icon will show you what the recommended is for that pet.

Amulets can also be equipped on your pets, and they grant them small but helpful stat boosts. You will need to find them first however, and they can drop from just about anything you do in the game.

That’s all for StoneAge World! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.

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