Ice Bear is a cook at a new local teppanyaki restaurant, and it’s up to you and the other bears to help him succeed! Stirfy Stunts is a silly cooking game based on the hit Cartoon Network show, We Bare Bears! As customers enter the restaurant, you have to help Ice Bear juggle ingredients and make sure everything is prepared in time. Take too long and customers will leave! It’s all about making tips and scoring high here, so let’s get started with our Stirfy Stunts tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Try to have at least one meat cooking!


When you first start, you will only have access to two plates and four spots on the cooking grill. You will only be able to cook beef and chicken as well, so a neat little way to stay efficient is to always have one of each cooked and ready to go on the plates. Since your customers will always order a meat on their dish, you can be prepared ahead of time, saving your precious seconds once the customers start flooding in!

2. Serve the customer who has waited long!

Eventually, after you get up to speed and you’ve served enough customers, the entrance rate for customers who shoot through the roof and you’ll be constantly booked! There are four slots for customers so get used to seeing all four taken. When it starts getting really busy, you’re going to need to do a little micromanaging. Look at the red circles next to each customer – they start out empty, but slowly fill up with red. Once the circle is filled completely, the customer will leave and you’ll lose a life! When you get a rush of customers, try to serve the one who is about to leave.

3. Serve fast!

This goes without saying, but the faster you serve a customer the more points and tips you’ll earn! Generally, the less the circle is filled with red, the more you’ll get out of that customer when you serve them. This is why efficiency is important here as you want to serve as many and as fast as you can!

4. Buy the new food first!

After completing your first run, you can visit the shop and spend your tip money here. You can buy various upgrades that help you out a lot, such as more plates, a bigger grill, and different types of food. We recommend buying the food first! The unlockable food items have point multipliers on them, which means that when a customer orders it, you’ll receive more points and tips! For the seafood, shrimp is x3, salmon is x4, scallops is x5, and lobster is a whopping x6! If you can afford it, buying lobster is a great way to drastically increase the amount of tips you get. Just hope that your customers order it!

5. Have the other bears entertain!

Once you bought a couple food items, you might want to invest in the entertainment items, such as the boombox and the microphone. Buying these items allows Grizz and Panda to help distract your customers, thus slowing down the rate at which their circle fills up. These items become a necessity once things get really busy, so buy these as soon as you can!

That’s all for Stirfry Stunts. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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