Ah, Great Britain, one of the most wonderful places in the world. Who knew that United Kingdom could be such a beautiful place to see, what with the raining gentlemen from the sky and the person with the giant mouth waiting below?

What, did I not just describe a typical day in Britain? Sticky Bodies is a extremely imaginative – and we say that with the utmost praise – game from the wacky minds over at Q-Games, the studio behind the popular PixelJunk series.

In Sticky Bodies, you control people falling from the sky. Swipe around to helplessly drift around in the air, and if you happen to collide with another person, you will stick to them. Give it a few minutes, and eventually you will have a long train of people soaring through the sky.

Make sure you dodge anything that is not a person, though. Planes, birds, even livestock swarm the skies as well, and hitting them will make your ever so frail train of people disconnect. You want as many people as possible before you hit the bottom, and the more you feed the gigantic mouth, the more points you get.

If you have not been scared off yet, then Sticky Bodies might be right up your alley. Want to take a surreal trip through the UK? Sticky Bodies is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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