With the soccer season drawing to a close fans of the sport need a fix to tide them over until the World Cup in Russia next month – and Stickman Soccer 2018 looks to offer just that fix.

A sequel to developer Djinnworks’s Stickman Soccer, it provides a slick arcade experience that trumps its predecessor in all areas.

For one it feels more like you’re playing a proper game of soccer, with cards, fouls, headers, through balls, and overhead kicks all added in – they weren’t in the previous iteration.

Better still they’re all easy to pull off with the intuitive touch based controls, with gamepad support also integrated. With smooth animations – utilising 60 frames per second – you’ll always feel in control.

It’s not just the gameplay that has been given a big boost though. There’s a dizzying amount of teams to play as (over 150) to compete for over 300 trophies, but even more players to select too – over 75 million! Yes, 75 million.

Developer Djinnworks will be adding even more over the course of the next few months as well.

If those numbers aren’t big enough for you there’s the option for you to build a team to your exact specifications however. You can edit club badges, names, and even swap around players by dipping into the transfer market.

Finally you can compete against humans with your customized team, in both offline and online modes – with the arcade gameplay not slowing down at all, regardless of how you choose to play the game.

So if this sounds like something you might get a kick out of (get it?) we’d recommend you make Stickman Soccer 2018 a permanent fixture on your smartphone. It’s available on Google Play and the App Store now, and best still won’t cost you a penny.


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