Stick Superhero Guide: Tips & Cheats To Win More Fights

All of your favorite heroes are here and they are ready to duke it out in Stick Superhero, an all new action fighting game. Take control of your favorite superheroes from all sorts of different media, including comic books, movies, and video games! You will never know who to expect in this game, so be prepared to meet all of the coolest heroes!

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In our Stick Superhero tips and tricks guide, we will go over the combat system and explain the basics and advanced nuances of it. With our guide and a little bit of practice, you will be fighting like a pro, so let’s jump right into it with our Stick Superhero cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to win more fights!

Combat Basics

You have four basic actions in Stick Superhero: attack, block, ki blast, and ultimate. You use the left virtual joystick to move, but also note that if you move up your superhero will jump. You can use this to use aerial attacks.

Normal Attack

Your basic attack will be your go to attack. It can be tapped multiple times in a row to string together multiple hits, resulting in a combo.

The last hit of a combo will deal big damage, and it will also send your opponent flying back. If you are close to the arena’s edge, they will fly into the corner and bounce off of it, setting them up for an easy follow up!

Blocking and Countering

Do not forget to block as well. Blocking will completely nullify any damage you would have normally taken, so be sure to use it often. A great way to safely approach your opponent is to block, wait for them to approach and finish their combo, then immediately retaliate.

A hidden command that the game never mentions is your secret counter move. If you hold down block and then move forward or backwards, your superhero perform a “come get me” gesture with their arm.

If your opponent attacks you during this animation, you will absorb the damage and immediately counter attack your opponent and send them flying. This is a great move to use if you are expecting an attack coming.

Ki Blast

Your ki blast is basically your projectile move. Each hero has their own unique looking ki blast, but they all function the same. You shoot out your ki blast and it costs 10% of your energy bar, and it deals minor damage. Use this to chip off small chunks of your opponent’s health.


And finally, your all powerful ultimate ability. Like the ki blast, each hero has their own unique ultimate ability. Ultimates require 50% energy to use, but they pack a punch if they connect.

Be sure to acquaint yourself with your hero of choice’s ultimate move so that you do not waste it, and make sure you have some distance before you use it – if your ultimate has some wind-up time to it, if you take damage it will be canceled so be careful!

Complete Stage 6 to Unlock God Eye

Before you try to tackle any of the other modes in Stick Superhero, we highly recommend getting through the first six levels of Story Mode. On the sixth level, you will go up against the mighty God Eye.

He is tough, but you are tougher! Make sure to dodge his projectiles, and you should be golden. Once you beat him, the game will unlock him for you for free without having to watch an advertisement.

God Eye has a whopping 1,100 health and 431 power, making him twice as strong as Fire, your strongest starting superhero. God Eye will be able to carry you through at least up to stage 20, making him a very powerful early game superhero!

You will unlock additional superheros and you clear chapters, but the game will force you to watch an advertisement to actually be able to use them. It is a bit rough, but it is worth it, as the unlockable superheroes are very powerful.

Claim your Freebies & Free Spins

Every ten minutes or so, you will get a free spin on the Lucky Wheel. You can earn free coins and gems from the Lucky Wheel, and if you are REALLY lucky you might even disable ads for a short period of time!

What is even better is that if you spin a total of ten times, you will receive a free superhero unlock. You can also pay 60 gems to spin ten times on the spot, but we recommend saving your gems for individual unlocks.

Every ten hours, you can visit the shop and get 20 zenie and 5 gems for absolutely free – no ad watching required! Be sure to check in throughout the day so that you do not lose your freebies.

Complete Daily Tasks

Every day you are assigned a list of five tasks for you to carry out. These tasks include playing in the different modes, watching advertisements, spinning the Lucky Wheel, and more.

Completing tasks will reward you with coins, and if you manage to complete all five tasks before the day is over, you will earn 15 gems for you troubles.

You are going to want to collect a lot of coins and gems if you are planning to unlock all of the roster. Just keep in mind that some of the superheroes are not possible to get with gems or zenie – they must be purchased through one of the hero packs.

Utilize the Double Damage

There is no time limit to your fights in Stick Superhero, however there is a mechanic that can be considered a soft time limit. When a certain amount of time has passed during a fight, both superheroes’ life bars will begin to flash blue and a sign saying 2x DMG will appear.

From this point on, both superheroes will inflict double damage until there is only one left standing! Be very careful not to get hit by your opponent, especially if the power gap between you and them is large, as it WILL hurt!

Getting Three Stars

The game is not very explicit about the star requirements for each level, but we seemed to have narrowed it down. You get a one star for simply winning the fight, so you are guaranteed to always get at least one.

One star seems to come from speed. If you battle well and win but take a really long time, you might not get this star. Try to play aggressively and chase down your opponents so that you beat them in a timely manner. If the double damage kicks in, you have taken too long and you will need to restart if you want the star.

The other star seems to just come from performing well. Land as many hits as you can on your opponent and make sure to use your full range of abilities – that last part is important. Try not to take too much damage, otherwise you might miss out on this star.

We are not even really sure that the stars make any difference, because the rewards seem to be the same no matter the amount of stars you earn.

That’s all for Stick Superhero! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.

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Stick Superhero Guide: Tips & Cheats To Win More Fights

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