Steven Universe Returns to Mobile in The Phantom Fable


The Crystal Gems are back with another situation on their hands! An ancient book containing legendary gem secrets have fallen into the hands of Steven and Connie, and when everything goes awry with the Crystal Gems getting sucked into the book, it is up to the duo to save the day!

The Phantom Fable is an all-new Steven Universe game. Unlike the previous major mobile release Attack the LightThe Phantom Fable takes a more adventure approach. You will control Steven and Connie as they travel ancient gem ruins.

Use their powers to solve environmental puzzles to light way. Eventually, you will be able to rescue Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst from their page prisons and bring them back onto the team. With their help you will be able to fight better and solve more puzzles.

The Phantom Fable uses a gesture driven combat system. You can draw symbols on the screen to use special attacks and abilities. You will need Steven’s powers to knock corrupted gems out and bubble them for safekeeping.

As they recover more and more pages of the mysterious book, the Crystal Gems will eventually learn the twisted truths that lie behind gem history. With voice overs from the original cast, The Phantom Fable feels like an actual Steven Universe episode.

The Phantom Fable is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store for 2.99 USD. Steven Universe fans cannot miss this one!

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Steven Universe Returns to Mobile in The Phantom Fable



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