Steppy Pants Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Are you ready to learn how to walk? AgainSteppy Pants is a simple but challenging game, and it even sounds a lot like the game it was modeled after! What seems like a ordinary day turns into a fight for survival as you navigate the perilous obstacle course that is your city’s sidewalk. Timed steps are key and if you miss a beat you’ll come crashing down! Oh, watch out for those pesky cracks in the sidewalk too! We’ll help you become a walking master with our Steppy Pants cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Light taps do the trick!

So the key to a very long and successful walk is to do light taps. The longer you hold your finger down, the further you’ll stretch your legs. If you stretch too far and end up doing the splits, your walk will be over as you come crashing down. Light taps are the best to control your forward momentum, as you won’t risk going too far.

2. Watch out for the cracks!

Once you get the rhythm down, you will start to encounter cracks in the sidewalk. If your feet touch any part of the crack, you’ll trip and fall down! So, if you’ve been using rapid taps up to this point, you can’t do that anymore. Here is where you really need to perfect your tap control. Light taps are still the way to go, but just make sure that you don’t tap too lightly so that you don’t go far enough to clear the crack.

3. Skip some cracks!

If cracks are close enough to each other, you might be able to bypass them altogether. Instead of a light tap, trying hold down your tap for longer. You’ll stretch your legs out further and you might be able to cross the cracks. Just remember not to hold it for too long, and you have to be careful of your timing as well. Holding for just a split second can mean all of the difference!

4. Get your free delivery!

Every couple of minutes, a delivery truck can come by and drop off a present for you! These presents contain a random amount of coins inside, and you can open them for free. Be sure to enable notifications so you know when your next free delivery is ready. You can use coins to buy new outfits for your character. They don’t change anything about the gameplay; they are merely cosmetic and for fun!

5. Patience!

Practice makes perfect like they always say… but that doesn’t mean you have to rush your practice! There’s no time limit in Steppy Pants, and your run only ends if you fall or step on a crack. So, take your time and don’t rush! Rushing will only make you trip and fall, so be patient. Calculate your every move!

That’s all for Steppy Pants. If you have any other steppin’ tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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Steppy Pants Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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