In today’s article we are going help you with the Stella Arcana Masquerade Ball quiz guide! This is one of my personal favorite trivia quizzes in the game, since it’s a party trivia.

Basically, there will be two circles on the ground – a red and a blue one, and each player has to walk over to each one of them in order to choose their answer. It’s not as simple as clicking your answer, so you have to act quickly because you only got a couple of seconds.

Below you will find all the Stella Arcana Masquerade Ball answers that I’ve encountered, so if I missed any, make sure you leave them down in the comments below and I’ll make sure to add them to the guide!

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Q: What is the independent year of Indonesia?
A: 1945

Q: A teammate is getting hit hard in a dungeon. Who can you call to get some emergency healing?
A: Holy Priest

Q: The lowest land in the world is?
A: Netherlands

Q: What are the ways in which you can earn in-game rewards?
A: All of these

Q: Which food is higher in sugar?
A: Rice

Q: How does one obtain Mutated Sprite?
A: Chance to get from capturing Sprites

Q: Which of the following is a god of Roman mythology?
A: Jupiter

Q: Hans Christian Andersen was born in which country?
A: Denmark

Q: What image do you need to spin for the greatest prize in the Lucky 666 Lottery?
A: Crown

Q: What is the largest island in Southeast Asia?
A: Borneo

Q: In Greek mythology, who is the Goddess of the Moon?
A: Artemis

Q: What is the auspicious animal in Thailand?
A: Elephant

Q: What would be the best response to seeing a red warning box in a dungeon?
A: Run out of its range

Q: Which item doesn’t make Sprite eggs hatch faster?
A: Sprite Chain

Q: Which is the part to determine the age of horse?
A: Teeth

Q: Which bird has the largest eggs?
A: Ostrich

Q: The number of Athena’s Warrior Saints is the same as the number of commonly recognized constellations. What is that number?
A: 88

Q: Which country is yoga from?
A: India

Q: Which item do you need to spend at the Eternal Coast to revive the petrified Laken?
A: Both of these

Q: A world-famous cultural heritage site and national symbol of Cambodia, what is the name of the largest temple in the world?
A: Angkor Wat

Q: In Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, against what kind of fish does the old man struggle for two days and two nights?
A: Marlin

Q: What do you need to spend to reset Talents?
A: None of these

Q: Which appearance type is not included in the wardrobe?
A: Aura

Q: What is the Trading Post used for?
A: Shopping

Q: In what country was US air force brigadier general William Lendrum Mitchell born?
A: France

Q: How many red and white stripes are there on the US national flag?
A: 13

Q: What should your intelligent and brave self do when confronted with a Tapir Guard who has cast Shield?
A: Go around and attack from behind

Q: The body’s main respiratory organ is?
A: Lung

Q: Which entrance leads to the Currency Exchange Shop from the main screen?
A: Avatar

Q: When one country establishes diplomatic ties with another, what is it allowed to build in the other country’s capital?
A: Embassy

Q: Who has dark cooking talents?
A: Armani

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