Do you ever have those days where you are going through all of your games trying to collect all the daily rewards? Or when you are going through all ten of your social media apps and everything eventually becomes a blur? Or going through your slew of random text messages?

Sometimes you just need a break from it all, and #SelfCare is all about that. From Tru Luv Media, the same studio that brought us BreatheLUV#SelfCare is a minigame compilation that seeks to soothe and calm your mind and soul. Forget all the busy work of your life and take a moment to just relax with #SelfCare.

#SelfCare is, obviously, not a traditional mobile game, but it’s definitely a welcomed one. In this quaint little bedroom, you are presented with a cozy bed that lets you partake in peaceful little minigames or exercises.

There’s nothing too stressful or exciting because remember: the goal here is to get you to be mindful of your own stress levels. We’re trying to tone things down for you, so you can breathe and take care of your mind.

And because this is supposed to be all about you, #SelfCare is customizable to a surprising degree. The bedroom can be decorated (or not) as much as you please, and you can even tweak the minigames around. Experiment and find the perfect setting for you!

#SelfCare, the caring game all about mental health is available for free on the iOS App Store. Give it a go and make sure to take care of yourself, alright?


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