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State of Survival: Headquarters Requirements

State of Survival: Headquarters Requirements
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State of Survival pits players in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and to keep everything connect they must rely on their headquarters. The headquarters is your base of operations and they control your overall progression throughout the game.

If you’re wondering what you need to reach certain upgrade levels for the headquarters, this list will show you a rundown of what you need and the time is takes for each upgrade to finish.

Headquarters Levels 1-30

LevelRequired ResourcesRequired BuildingsBattle PowerMarch CapacityConstruction Time (days, hours, minutes, seconds)
215K Food/WoodHero Precinct 1+2073+300Instant
323K Food/WoodHero Precinct 2+3583+35000:00:05:40
431K Food/Wood
4k Prosperity
Hero Precinct 3+5018+40000:00:07:40
542K Food/Wood
4.7K Prosperity
Hero Precinct 4+6451+40000:00:07:40
656K Food/Wood
5.5k Prosperity
Hero Precinct 5
Barracks 5
780K Food/Wood
8.1K Prosperity
Hero Precinct 6
Garage 6
8124K Food/Wood
12.3K Prosperity
Hero Precinct 7
Range 7
9238K Food/Wood
19.2K Prosperity
Hero Precinct 8
Barracks 8
10418K Food/Wood
31.2K Prosperity
Hero Precinct 9
Garage 9
11895K Food/Wood
15K Metal
51.6K Prosperity
Hero Precinct 10
Range 10
121.3M Food/Wood
45K Metal
84K Prosperity
Hero Precinct 11
Barracks 11
131.8M Food/Wood
95K Metal
136K Prosperity
Hero Precinct 12
Garage 12
142.5M Food/Wood
187K Metal
213K Prosperity
Hero Precinct 13
Range 13
154M Food/Wood
397K Metal
319K Prosperity
Hero Precinct 14
Barracks 14
165.7M Food/Wood
751K Metal
31K Gas
460K Prosperity
Hero Precinct 15
Hospital 15
178.3M Food/Wood
1.5M Metal
103K Gas
651K Prosperity
Hero Precinct 16
Range 16
1811.7M Food/Wood
2.2M Metal
233K Gas
910K Prosperity
Hero Precinct 17
Barracks 17
1915.4M Food/Wood
3.1M Metal
439K Gas
1.3M Prosperity
Hero Precinct 18
Garage 18
2020M Food/Wood
4.4M Metal
768K Gas
1.6M Prosperity
Hero Precinct 19
Range 19
2125.9M Food/Wood
6.1M Metal
1.3M Gas
2.25M Prosperity
Hero Precinct 20+114683+220004:21:00:00
2233M Food/Wood
8.4M Metal
2.1M Gas
2.4M Prosperity
Hero Precinct 21
Hospital 21
2342.7M Food/Wood
12M Metal
3.5M Gas
3.3M Prosperity
Hero Precinct 22
Range 22
2458.2M Food/Wood
16.3M Metal
4.7M Gas
4.6M Prosperity
Hero Precinct 23
Barricade 23
2578.8M Food/Wood
6.3M Gas
6.3M Prosperity
Hero Precinct 24
Garage 24
26105M Food/Wood
29.4M Metal
8.4M Gas
8.1M Prosperity
Hero Precinct 25
Research Lab 25
27139M Food/Wood
38.8M Metal
11.1M Gas
10.5M Prosperity
Hero Precinct 26
Barracks 26
28183M Food/Wood
51M Metal
14.6M Gas
13.5M Prosperity
Hero Precinct 27
Garage 27
29233M Food/Wood
65.2M Metal
18.7M Gas
17M Prosperity
Hero Precinct 28
Range 28
30290M Food/Wood
81.1M Metal
23.2M Gas
21.5M Prosperity
Hero Precinct 29
Barracks 29

Headquarters Star Level

Once your HQ reaches level 30, the next level will bring it into the ☆ level. Your HQ can go up to a maximum of five stars with five levels to each star level. You’ll need to get through all five levels before you reach the next star level.

For each level within a star level, all of the resource costs remain the same including the plasma cores you’ll need.

  • ☆ 1-5: 58M Food, 58.6 Wood, 16M Metal, 4.7M Gas, 21.5 Prosperity, 132 Plasma Cores (8 days per level)
  • ☆☆ 1-5: 58.6M Food, 59.2M Wood, 16.5M Metal, 4.7M Gas, 21.5 Prosperity, 158 Plasma Cores (11 days per level)
  • ☆☆☆ 1-5: 59M Food, 59.8 Wood, 16.7M Metal, 4.8M Gas, 21.5 Prosperity, 238 Plasma Cores (12 days per level)
  • ☆☆☆☆ 1-5: 60.3M Food, 61M Wood, 17.1M Metal, 4.8M Gas, 21.5M Prosperity, 250 Plasma Cores (9 days per level)
  • ☆☆☆☆☆ 1-5: 61.6M Food, 62.2M Wood, 17.4M Metal, 4.9M Gas, 21.5M Prosperity, 284 Plasma Cores (11 days per level)

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State of Survival: Headquarters Requirements


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