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Stardew Valley Best Crops Per Season – Guide

Stardew Valley Best Crops Per Season – Guide
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In Stardew Valley, you own a large plot of farmland that needs to be restored back to its full glory. You can grow a varitey of crops, each with their own required seasons, grow times, and profit margins. Today, our guide will be looking at Stardew Valley’s best crops per season!

The Best Crops to Grow for Each Season in Stardew Valley

Most crops and their respective seeds need to be grown during specific seasons. Trying to plant a seed out of its native season will result in it dying the next day, so you’re limited to your selection depending on the current season.

So, if you’re the type that likes to maximize your profit margins, we’ll lay out some helpful data for you. We’ll be listing the best crops per season based on profit margin, which is calculated by how much the seeds cost, how long the crop takes to grow, and how much the fully grown crop sells for.

Most of this data is taken from our good friends over at the Stardew Valley Wiki. We’ve just condensed the crucial into a table for your convenience, and to help you plan out your seasons.


Crop NamePriceGrowth TimeMultiple Harvests?Selling PriceAverage Gold Per Day
Blue Jazz30g7 daysNo50-100g2.86
Cauliflower80g12 daysNo175-350g7.92
Coffee Bean2500g10 days2 days15-30g20.77
Garlic40g4 daysNo60-120g5
Green Bean60g10 days3 days40-80g7.2
Kale70g6 daysNo110-220g6.67
Parsnip20g4 daysNo35-70g3.75
Potato50g6 daysNo80-160g5 or 8.33
Rhubarb100g13 daysNo220-440g9.23
Strawberry100g8 days4 days120-240g20.83 (Beginning of month)
Tulip20g6 daysNo30-60g1.67
Unmilled Rice40g8/6 days if planted near waterNo30-60g-1.25

Strawberries, Coffee Beans, and Rhubarbs should be planted as soon as Spring starts to maximize your profits. They’re the most profitable Spring crops, but they also need lots of time to regrow. Rhubarb doesn’t regrow, but it’s still worth a lot.


Crop NamePriceGrowth TimeMultiple Harvests?Selling PriceAverage Gold Per Day
Blueberry80g13 days4 days50-100g20.8
Corn150g14 days4 days50-100g1.92
Hops60g11 days1 day25-50g13.52
Hot Pepper40g5 days3 days40-80g10.77
Melon80g12 daysNo250-500g14.17
Poppy100g7 daysNo140-280g5.71
Radish40g6 daysNo90-180g8.33
Red Cabbage100g9 daysNo260-520g17.78
Starfruit400g13 daysNo750-1500g26.92
Summer Spangle50g8 daysNo90-180g5
Sunflower200g8 daysNo80-160g-15 if no seeds are harvested, 2.14 with seeds
Tomato50g11 days4 days60-120g9.26
Wheat10g4 daysNo25-50g3.75

Starfruit easily trumps every other crop here, but you’ll need to gain access to the Calico Desert before you can buy the seeds. Red Cabbages are a good alternative if you’re on your second year, otherwise Blueberries are great every Summer.

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Crop NamePriceGrowth TimeMultiple Harvests?Selling PriceAverage Gold Per Day
Amaranth70g7 daysNo150-300g11.43
Artichoke30g8 daysNo160-320g16.25
Beet20g6 daysNo100-200g13.33
Bok Choy50g4 daysNo80-160g7.5
Cranberries240g7 days5 days75-150g18.89
Eggplant20g5 days5 days60-120g11.2
Fairy Rose200g12 daysNo290-580g7.5
Grape60g10 days3 days80-160g16.8
Pumpkin100g13 daysNo320-640g16.92
Yam60g10 daysNo160-320g10
Sweet Gem Berry1000g24 daysNo3000-6000g83.33

Sweet Gem Berries are the way to go in Fall, but you need to plant them within the first four days of Fall, as they take 24 days to fully mature. If you don’t want to wait until the end of Fall for your profits to start rolling in, Cranberries are a fantastic alternative.


Crop NamePriceGrowth TimeMultiple Harvests?Selling PriceAverage Gold Per DaySpecial Notes
Ancient Fruit100-1000g28 days7 days550-1100g57.14Grows any season besides winter
Cactus Fruit150g12 days3 days75-150g11.11-24.11 (after first season)Grows only in pots, greenhouse, or Ginger Island
PineappleTrader: 1 Magma Cap14 days7 days300-600g28.57Grows in Summer or Ginger Island
Taro RootTrader: 2 Bone Fragments10/7 days if planted near waterNo100-200g10-14.29Grows in Summer or Ginger Island

Ancient Fruits are a popular choice for profitable crops, as they regrow after the initial harvest. Throw them into a Keg to make some Ancient Fruit Wine to really rake in the dough!

That concludes our Stardew Valley guide on the best crops per season. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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