Star Trek Trexels 2 Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Boldly Win Where Nobody Won Before

We’re here to help make the game better by sharing some Star Trek Trexels 2 cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide. We’ll learn everything about resource management, recruiting new officers and boldly going where no man has gone before. Or woman.

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Star Trek Trexels 2 is here, building up on the success of the original mobile title and fortunately learning a lot from its mistakes. Bigger, better and with a ton more features to enjoy, this is a game that fans of the franchise will love just as much as everybody else.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out our guide. Here are all the Star Trek Trexels 2 tips and tricks that you need:

Prepare for the waiting game
Like it or not, space exploration is all about being patient. Extremely patient. Insanely patient. You get the idea: you have to wait a lot in order to have any chance of succeeding in this game. And then wait some more.

You have very limited amounts of staff that can actually do some work in your resource-generating rooms and you will never have enough. Instead, you will be forced to micro-manage and go crazy because you will never have enough resources to do one thing or another.

Progress in the game is painfully slow and there’s not much you can do about it. Log in often to collect the resources and have your crew start working on generating a small amount again. Log in again – rinse and repeat until you start seeing aliens. Whoever thought that this is the fun way to approach this game was COMPLETELY wrong.

Upgrade your rooms
You can start producing a bit more resources and see things be less frustrating after you level up your captain a bit – and then your rooms. Most of the rooms in the game can be upgraded and you should do so with the first chance you get. Otherwise you will go crazy (although chances are that you already went crazy until before you were given the chance to upgrade).

Revive your fallen officers
So, if you’re thinking that you should add some diversity to the game and complete the missions to progress faster… you should definitely think again.

In just no time you will find your meager two-crew man having to face a team of no less than 7 Borg enemies. This means that you will go insane if you haven’t done so already – but I told you that a few times, so no need to repeat.

Jokes and frustration aside, you will have to go for the option to revive your fallen officers – and do it often. Don’t spend your premium currency as the devs want you to and instead use the video ads. In some missions, this makes a difference. Not in a mission where you put 2 against 7, though…

Training is key
So, you will have to start training your officers in order to stand a chance against the Borg. But, funnily (or rather NOT), you will have to build specific training rooms for specific skills. And the Combat one – the most important in the game early on is not in the tutorial.

So you will most likely end up having not enough resources for it after meeting the friendly group of Borg units I was talking about earlier and you will have to wait some more. Then even more to raise the resources to actually be able to train your units in combat and stand a chance against the Borg.

Rinse and repeat – as you already know that you have to do!

Always explore everything
This is the key to success: you don’t want to waste any resource or potential new officer in a mission. In order to prevent that from happening, you should explore the entire mission area because there’s no turning back otherwise.

So even after completing a mission’s requirements, don’t rush to beam out – instead take your time and meticulously explore every nook and cranny looking for extra resources or officers. This will help you greatly in the long run!

Check the stats of your staff
You should definitely strategize a bit when it comes to training your staff. Since everything is so insanely expensive and difficult in Star Trek Trexels II, you do need to plan a bit.

Don’t start training in combat your officer with the least amount of combat skills. Instead, specialize them: have two top fighters first and work on getting the other up in shape afterwards.

Another extremely important element to look at is the number of action points your officers have in missions. The ones with just 3 action points are worhtless – instead, focus on those with as many AP as possible, but also with a high initiative.

And to make things even more interesting, the officers have various stats and boosts: just go through each of them in the menu and use them in battles based on the bonuses they offer.

Things do get interesting!
This game seems to be made to only reward those who trust it will get better. And it will get better after you painfully go through the pains no man should go through. Once you reach level 6, things start to line up a little better, production will be better, you will have enough premium currency to add an extra crew member and the sun will shine once again.

You will unlock PvP, you will be able to unlock new planets and actually enjoy the game. Which is really enjoyable, once the horrible part slowly passes.

And this is it! These are our Star Trek Trexels 2 tips and tricks. A pretty difficult game and we could sure use some help if you have any to offer. So don’t hesitate to share your own Star Trek Trexels 2 tips and tricks if you have any additional ones.

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Star Trek Trexels 2 Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Boldly Win Where Nobody Won Before

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