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Star Trek: Resurgence – Should You Side With the Hotari or the Alydians?

Star Trek: Resurgence – Should You Side With the Hotari or the Alydians?
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Star Trek: Resurgence takes us boldly where no Trekkie has gone before—right in the middle of the conflict between two previously unseen alien races, the Hotari and the Alydians. In true Starfleet fashion, you will need to consider carefully how to approach this skirmish that could have devastating consequences. However, we’re sure you’re aware of the saying The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Should you side with the Hotari or the Alydians in their conflict about mines in Star Trek: Resurgence? It is a difficult decision—and you won’t have too much time to think about it—so we hope this article helps you make the right one.

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Should You Side With the Hotari or the Alydians in Star Trek: Resurgence?

Alydians in Star Trek Resurgence
Image by Dramatic Labs

The Hotari-Alydian conflict reminded me a bit of the conflict between the Kelpiens and the Ba’ul in Star Trek: Discovery. The Hotari used to be subservient workers in the mines they technically owned, and the Alydians are more militaristic and used to exercising control over the Hotari in the past. Now, at the brink of war, they are looking to Starfleet to provide guidance and help with finding a resolution and keeping the peace.

At one point, First Officer Jara Rydek will have to side with one species over the other. The game will push you in that direction no matter what previous choices you opted for, and you won’t be able to choose any other, more diplomatic solution. So, the real question is—what are the consequences of each choice?

One thing is sure—no matter which side you take, the other race is not going to be happy and will react brashly. However, you will have the chance to speak with two Hotari and one Alydian right after and hear the doubts of both sides. If you side with the Alydians, it seems that the dilithium mining and trade with the Federation won’t suffer. In case you side with the Hotari, the Alydians will make sure you know about their doubts about dilithium supplies because they find the Hotari incapable of organizing the extracting and the trade.

In any case, there’s a bigger plot twist waiting for you down the line regardless of who you choose to support. Without spoiling too much, we will just say that there’s Tkon technology involved and that not everyone is who they seem to be…

We hope you have fun with Star Trek: Resurgence no matter the choice. In case you want to stay on top of other Star Trek games, check out more useful guides in our dedicated Star Trek section here on TouchTapPlay.

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Star Trek: Resurgence – Should You Side With the Hotari or the Alydians?