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Star Trek Fleet Command – What’s New in Update 60

Star Trek Fleet Command – What’s New in Update 60
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Nearing its fifth year, Star Trek Fleet Command is receiving its 60th update, and there’s plenty to look forward to with the new patch. From minor and major fixes to an exciting addition to player’s fleets, here’s a breakdown of Update 60: Make It So, Part 1.

Tweaks and fixes

Image by Scopely

Let’s start with the polishing that the game received. The following interstellar bugs were squashed in the update:

  • Dynamic Island no longer clashes with the UI on iPhone 15.
  • The necessary materials for slotting or unlocking Forbidden Tech no longer appear if the Commander doesn’t actually have them.
  • The Forbidden Tech Acquire button now takes you to the correct tab.
  • The chance of success for the Forbidden Tech upgrade no longer appears as 0%.
  • The correct rarity of the Armada now shows in the Armada Start Alliance chat.
  • The event store overlapping resource icons issue is resolved.
  • Systems containing available planets now correctly display the housing icon.
  • Peace shields now go down on hostiles from Texas class.
  • Faction reputation tiers are now displayed correctly for every faction.
  • Shaxx has accurate ability descriptions for Below Deck and the Officer Ability
  • The message indicating the ship cargo is full persists after moving to a different mining node.
  • Duplicated text is removed from parts 2 and 5 of the Temporal Cartography mission.

New battle pass

The Make It So, Part 1 update comes with a new battle pass, available from the first day when Update 60 launches. The pass will feature 30 free milestones, as well as 30 elite ones. New avatars, frames, and a hailing frequency will be available as monthly rewards.

More missions and research

The Update 60 includes a total of 16 new missions, all of which have specific purposes. In particular, the Make It So missions expand the main story with the introduction of the species of Torvath, a completely new addition to the Star Trek lore.

Five novel missions are dedicated to the introduction of a new ship type. Keep that in mind as we’ll go back to the subject. These missions will be available to level 28+ Operations players.

A Heroes vs. Villains mission will be launched as a special event component. The consequences of the player’s decision made here will transfer to other monthly events. In other words, what you choose to do in the mission will have a long-lasting impact on your gameplay.

Finally, Update 60 includes two new pieces of research: G3-G5 Prime Research Efficiency and Prime Junking Speed. The first increases G3-G5 research efficiency by 200%, while the second provides a 200% Scrap Speed boost upon completion.

Enterprise-E Picard and Data

Since the new update is called Make It So, a phrase made universally popular in Star Trek: TNG, it’s no surprise that the new officers included within are Picard and Data. This time, it’s the Enterprise-E versions of the famed duo, with Picard being Epic and Data being Rare.

Enterprise-E Picard’s abilities are:

  • Captain’s Maneuver: Captain’s Prerogative—A 60% reward increase from hostiles, plus 20–40% more depending on the tier.
  • Officer Ability: We Used to Be Explorers—Every successful weapon hit provides an Isolytic Cascade Damage boost of 3/5/6/10/15% for three rounds.

Enterprise-E Data comes with the following abilities:

  • Officer Ability: Saddle Up, Lock and Load!—For Hostiles not belonging to the Armada, Isolytic Cascade Damage is increased by 10/15/20/30/40%.
  • Below Deck Ability: Unsafe Velocities—Your ship gains a Max Cargo increase of 20/30/40/55/70%.

Moving past Grade 5

The latest update for Star Trek Fleet Command makes the Grade 6 available for all players. Like the previous Grade 5, this expansion offers new ships, systems, and missions, to mention a few.

The Operations level cap is increased to 70, and there are over 275 missions in total. Grade 6 also brings new systems (120 of them, to be precise, including Hazard systems) and no less than 13 novel ships belonging to various factions.

You will be assimilated: Brand new Borg Cube ship

If you recall the five new missions we’ve mentioned earlier, here’s what they’ll do: The missions are intended to introduce you to the latest fleet addition, the Borg Cube.

As it should be, the Borg Cube is quite different from all other ships in the game. Firstly, its power grows simultaneously with its commander’s power. The ship also has an active ability—another first in the game—which can inflict damage even when not in traditional combat mode.

The unique Borg Cube will be available to all Commanders 28+, and the full ship can be unlocked with the Elite Battle Pass. Of course, you can find many blueprints in the free portion of the game, too.

This concludes the crucial new additions coming to Star Trek Fleet Command with Update 60: Make It So. We’ll keep an eye on the game and let you know as soon as more news drops. Also, our News section has got you covered for all the latest in mobile gaming, so make sure to check it out!

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Star Trek Fleet Command – What’s New in Update 60