Star Skater Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Star Skater is an action-packed downhill skater game. Swerve down the road and pull off crazy tricks as you try to beat the clock in these intense races. Just watch out for cars and other obstacles lying in the way! We’ll help you become a true skater star with our Star Skater cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Control your speed!

Be sure to watch your speed! Remember that just one nick or bump into the sides of the road will send your skater flying into the distance, so be sure to slow down when necessary. Keep in mind that the lower you drag your finger, the sharper your turn and brake will be. Only do sharp brakes when necessary, as they will slow you down to a crawl!

2. Collect the time bonuses!

There are three possible stars to earn on each level. In order to get all three, you need to score high and finish the level as fast as you can. This means pulling off tricks when possible and speeding through. To help alleviate the pressure, there will sometimes be time bonuses scattered throughout the level. They’re all worth different amounts of seconds, and you can tell by looking at the number above. They usually range from +2 to +10. Any amount helps, but don’t risk your life for a +2 timer increase!

3. Master the tricks!

There are two main ways to pull off tricks in this game. When you’re going at a decent speed – around 40 MPH – you can tap and hold both turn sides of the screen. Once your skater is parallel to you, let go and they’ll perform a switchflip. This reverses the side your skater is facing and grants you a couple of points. The next trick you can do is a mid-air one. This means that you need to be going fast! If you have enough speed when you hit a bump in the road, you’ll be airborne for a second or two. Turning either direction will result in a spin, and the more spins you can pull off before you hit the ground, the more points you’ll earn.

4. Try your luck with the bucks machine!

Occasionally after a level attempt, you can try your luck with the bucks machine. This machine lets you spend your hard earned skater bucks. You might get a new character, board, and more! This is about the only worthwhile thing you can spend your skater bucks on, so don’t be afraid to try it. There’s nothing else to save up for so go nuts!

5. Collect your free gifts!

Along with the bucks machine, every so often you’ll get the opportunity to open a free gift package. These free gifts usually contain around 100 skater bucks, so they’re not to be missed! Keep playing and eventually you’ll get the opportunity to open one.

That’s all for Star Skater. If you have any other tips or sick tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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Star Skater Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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