Spiritfarer Beginner Walkthrough Guide: Tips and Cheats


Spiritfarer is Thunder Lotus Games’ sandbox adventure game available to play on PC, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. It has themes of friendship, community, loss, and death, and is very aesthetically pleasing and relaxing to play. You play as Stella, the Spiritfarer, who ferries spirits to the afterlife and cares for them while they travel to their final destination. As you progress through the game, picking up more spirits and taking them across the waters, you build up your boat to accommodate the various needs of your new friends. These extra structures can produce resources, house spirits, and help Stella navigate the areas on her boat.

Check out our guide below for help on the basics while you start your journey as a Spiritfarer. Parts outlined in bold are tips we found particularly useful. Remember to ask us here at Touch, Tap, Play if you get stuck and need further help!

Stella spiritfarer
Stella in Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer Beginner’s Guide

When you start the game, you awaken as Stella, alongside your cat-friend Daffodil, a sweet companion who can be played later if you decide to play with a friend in multiplayer. The first person you meet is another Spiritfarer named Charon, who is about to retire from the job. Charon passes on the Everlight, which powers Stella’s boat, to you. His time has come and he passes through the Everdoor to the afterlife. It is now your job to be the Spiritfarer for all the Spirits of the land, guiding them to the end and caring for them as they travel.

Stella’s Boat in Spiritfarer

The game walks you through the basic elements, and you will meet your first spirit, Gwen, and receive your boat. Once you have your boat, you will be shown to Albert’s Shipyard to fix it up, and then be shown the basic elements of building structures. Now you are ready to start traveling and ferrying lost souls! The most important thing is to keep your Spirit passengers happy with their favorite foods, friendly chats, and with loving hugs.

Hugging Gwen in Spiritfarer

Go to the boat’s stern and enter. Here, you can set your destination marker and the boat will take you there. Once this introduction part of the game is over, you are free to travel, meet new spirits, gather resources, and upgrade your boat with new rooms and structures. These rooms include places to produce resources, as well as spots to process those resources and make them into useful items for making or baking, and rooms for your Spirit friends to stay while they journey with you. The rooms cannot be deleted, but they can be moved around by using your Blueprint Station and tapping ‘Edit.’


Gathering resources is very important as this means you can upgrade your boat, cook meals, and build rooms. This is something you will be doing constantly to maintain the happiness of your spirits and produce different foods and items. Rain can help you water your Garden, Field, and Orchard.

Gwen, your first spirit, will walk you through a few steps on how to gather what you need to get you used to how it works. She will ask you to build a couple of rooms, which requires you to first gather wood from Mosstein Cove and fish for jellyfish in dark waters. You then use the blueprint table to build the structures you need. Jellyfish can fly: build a high structure for your first rooms, such as the Guest Room or Kitchen, to reach the flying jellyfish and gain the Bright Jelly!

crates in spiritfarer
Crates in Spiritfarer

Gwen also shows you that you must create a Field aboard your boat to grow food by planting Seeds. Seeds can be found in shipwreck Crates or at Raccoon Inc shops, which are found across the Spiritfarer world. Crates contain many different types of resources and can be found in all regions, respawning once used.

Resource gathering includes picking whatever you have grown and processed onboard the boat, fishing for tuna and other fish, harvesting on land, and scavenging for crates in the water. Watch for a light in the water—this is a Resource Node and tells you that something can be found under the sea.

spiritfarer screenshot fishing
Fishing in Spiritfarer

Making and Spending Money

You will need to earn the in-game currency Glims, which are then spent on Seeds and other resources, and to complete upgrades. Glims can be found or earned in a few ways:

large glim bottle spiritfarer
Large Glim Bottle in Spiritfarer
  • Sell items like Ceramic Bowls, Tea, fruits and veggies: Brewed tea sells for more than tea seeds
  • Find Glim Bottles by fishing: Large Glim Bottles contain more Glims
  • Find Glims inside buildings on islands: Items found in buildings can also be sold for Glims
  • Complete mini games offered by spirits
  • Run errands for Francis the Wandering Trader

Explore Each Region Well

Some spirits come aboard to travel with you, while others live on islands. You can meet the ones who live on the islands by exploring and checking inside houses.

spiritfarer map
The regions of Spiritfarer (via Reddit)

You can explore the islands in every region and look inside the buildings and houses for items, resources, and Glims. There are also other characters living on these islands—interact with them and they can provide services and information.

Keep Working During the Night

At night, the boat stops and the spirits sleep, giving Stella time to do some chores. Use this time to harvest any resources you have grown, process things like flour or tea, forge metal, prepare food, or go fishing.

As you travel and explore, you will come across more Spirits, locations, and points of interest that can trigger ‘Events,’ the mini-games we previously mentioned. You don’t have to accept the event right away, but they are a good way to gain Glims and unique resources!

We hope that this helped guide you through the very basic elements of this beautiful game. If there are any questions you need answering, just leave them for us in the comments section below.

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