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SoulWorker Anime Legends Guide: Tips & Cheats To Fight Better

SoulWorker Anime Legends Guide: Tips & Cheats To Fight Better
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The world of SoulWorker awaits in the mobile adaption of the popular online multiplayer RPG in SoulWorker Anime Legends! Choose from a variety of “SoulWorkers,” people who have the ability to weaponize their souls, and hack and slash your way through shadowy creatures of the void. Fight for a better future!

In Touch Tap Play’s SoulWorker Anime Legends tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of combat and how to maximize your damage output. We will also talk about the various ways of upgrading your character, so let’s get started with our SoulWorker Anime Legends cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to fight better!

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Choosing a Character

At the start of SoulWorker, you must choose one of the six characters. They each have their own strengths and unique fighting styles, so you cannot really go wrong with any pick. Just choose based on what character you think looks the best!

Even if you have doubts, all players are given a second character slot for free so you can pick a different character. Here is a quick run down of all the characters!

Haru Estia is the default character and the most balanced. She wields a sword into battle and attacks swiftly, allowing her to quickly evade incoming attacks. She is a great character for beginners!

Erwin Arclight wields powerful ranged weapons, including two energy pistols and massive cannons. While he is deadly afar, he must keep his enemies away from him using his movement skills. If you liked ranged combat, Erwin is your man.

Lily Bloommerchen uses a large scythe and she is the queen of chopping down large groups of enemies. Her skills allow her to clump enemies together and then mow them down. If you like area attacks, Lily excels at them.

Stella Unibell uses the power of rock to defeat her foes. Her “Howling Guitar” allows her to fight multiple enemies at once using strong forces of sound. Stella also excels at group fights, but she can also disable her opponents as well.

Iris Yuma wields the mighty “Hammer Stol,” which allows her to demolish her foes with overpowering smashes. She is slow yet mighty, so some precision should be used when fighting with her.

Jin Seipatsu is the final character of the bunch, and he fights with super-charged spirit gauntlets. Jin excels at rapid, in-your-face combos that allow him to relentlessly assault his opponents. If you like hyper fast combat, Jin is your guy.

All of the characters are very strong and fun to use, so again – pick whichever one sounds the coolest to you.

If you run out of character slots, you can delete characters you do not want or you can buy additional slots if you need.

Mastering Combat

Fighting is the name of the game here, and to be an effective fighter you need to learn how to control your character and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your skills.

For the most part, combat is relatively straightforward. Attack using your neutral attack to start a long combo, and generate soulforce. Soulforce is the blue meter below your health, and it is required to use basically any of your skills outside of normal attacks.

Once you have enough soulforce, you can start a combo using regular attacks and then chain together your skills in the middle of your combo. At any point during your regular attack combo, you can unleash a skill to cancel your regular attacks and go straight into your skills.

It is important to keep in mind that you can also do this with your defensive skills. You can tap and hold the blue barrier button to block, which will significantly reduce the damage of any incoming attacks.

You can also dodge using the bottom right button, which propels you forward and grants you invincibility frames. Careful timing is required to make the most out of your dodge maneuver, but it is the best way to avoid damage.

Certain attacks and skills can be canceled mid-animation with block if you need to perform an emergency maneuver, and almost every attack animation can be canceled with a dodge.

Fighting Bosses

Normal enemies are usually combo fodder and you can dispatch them with relative ease, giving them no chance to retaliate. Bosses, however, are a different story and they require you to be on your toes.

Bosses have innate “super armor,” which allows them to not stagger whenever they take a hit. This means that if you blindly mash the attack button and throw out all of your skills, there is a good chance you are going to be hit in the middle of it and interrupted.

Watch the boss carefully and get ready to cancel your attacks with a block or dodge. With enough pressure, you can eventually temporarily break the boss’ super armor and allow them to be staggered and launched.

When this happens, attack as fast as you can and unleash your hardest hitting skills to do as much damage safely as possible. The boss will regain its super armor after a few seconds, so you will need to go back on guard.

One-on-One Dueling

Your combat skills will truly be put to the test when you fight against other characters – whether AI or human controlled – in one-on-one duels.

As you have probably learned from playing through the main story, the playable characters in this game are capable of stringing together very long combos. In a duel, careless attacking can easily get you caught in a combo of up to 30 or so hits.

Obviously this is a very bad thing, so you will want to be careful about how you approach your opponent. Basically the character who gets the first hit is guaranteed a good chunk of damage, so do not let your opponent get that opportunity!

Use your block and dodge wisely. If your opponent is recklessly attacking you, block their current string of attacks and wait for an opening. Every character has a bit of recovery time after they finish their basic combo, so this is your opening to attack.

Just be very careful not to let go of block too early. Human opponents may try to trip you up by canceling their basic combo into a skill, and this can turn bad very fast. Be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity to counter attack!

If you do find yourself getting comboed, mash the dodge button. If you have enough soulforce in reserve after being attacked, you can perform a quick dodge and launch yourself to safety. You will know if you performed it when your character leaves behind a trail of blue shadows.

Once you are free, try to bait your opponent into falling into one of your powerful skills, then follow up with a combo. Remember: it is all about the first hit, so try to lure your opponent into recovery times and then strike!

Upgrading your Character

Strengthening your character’s combat performance is thankfully pretty straightforward as well. As you progress through the main story quests, you will often earn gear as rewards. Gear is color coded for your convenience, so you know what the strongest stuff is in your inventory.

You can also just hit the auto-equip button, and that is usually the better idea. Once you have gear equipped, you can develop them in the lab to further increase their stats. You sacrifice old equipment you no longer need to boost your favorite gear, and you should do this often.

Do not worry about receiving new gear that is better than the gear you developed – when you use that same gear to improve your new gear, bonus experience will be added equal to the amount you have developed the gear.

When a piece of equipment reaches maximum level, you can perform a “soul upgrade” on it, which essentially raises its rarity. Keep boosting your stats, and you will unlock more upgrade options as you progress through the game.

You will eventually be able to equip accessories like brooches, which grant more stats, and soul stones which can be fitted into your gear to improve their stat boosts.

You will of course need a lot of upgrade and enhancement materials to do all of this, but as long as you are keeping up with the main story and doing daily missions, you should have lots of resources.

Head to the Bank Alliance for Zenny Farming

Once you reach level 10, you will unlock access to the Bank Alliance, a set of mini-stages where you are thrown into an arena full of enemies. These enemies are low level and relatively easy to fight, but the most important thing is that they drop LOTS of zenny for you.

You are on a time limit, so attack fast and take down as many enemies as possible. It may seem like there is an endless amount of enemies as they constantly respawn, but there is an eventual end. If you can clear the episode before time runs out, your reward zenny will be boosted.

The Bank Alliance is split into different episodes, and you will unlock the next episode after beating the previous one.

Be on the look out for Grutins. If you see a notice that there are Grutins discovered, they will pop up randomly as you are fighting through an episode. Taking them down nets you a lot of zenny, so keep an eye out!

Use your Daily Tickets for the D7 Shelter

Once you get to the second distract, you will unlock access to the D7 Shelter. This is a place where you will battle through pre-determined battles, and if you come out on top you will walk away with resources to help you upgrade your gear.

You can find rare resources like promotion particles here, and you only get a limited amount of entries per day. Each day has a different set of battles open – for example on Friday you can play the battles that reward you with defensive promotion particles, while Thursday has offensive particles.

Tactic tickets are refreshed every day, so make sure you use them up to get your resources.

Complete Daily Missions

Finally, the last thing you should work on is your daily missions. You do not unlock these until about level 10, and the game will force you do complete some of them before you can continue with the main story.

Daily missions can all be accept at once, and you should do so. Completing a daily mission nets you zenny, experience points, and cubics, one of the premium currencies of the game.

If you ever feel underpowered, try doing some easy daily missions to rack up resources to upgrade your gear and try again.

That’s all for SoulWorker Anime Legends! Let us know in the comments any tips or tricks you might have to share!

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