SoulArk: Teleport Tier List [November 2023]

SoulArk: Teleport lets you collect characters and take them to battle across various realms. But which characters should you include in your team? Our SoulArk: Teleport tier list is here to give you the answer!

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SoulArk: Teleport characters ranked

Instead of cramming all SoulArk: Teleport characters into one massive table, we decided to create separate tier lists for every class. As you know, there are five classes in the game (Attack, Defense, Support, Healer, and Versatile), so that’s how many lists we’ll have.

Since some classes have a limited number of characters, not every list will feature all tiers from S+ to C. Note that tiers will be relative to the class, i.e., an A-tier in one class might fall under S, B, or even C-tier when compared to another class. However, comparing an Attacker with a Healer on even grounds would be unfair, if not downright impossible. This is precisely why each class gets a tier list of its own.

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Attack characters in SoulArk: Teleport are your primary damage dealers. While others have an important role to play, too, your attackers will be the ones winning the battles.

S+Ashe, Djon
SMai, Astrid, Niya, Iris, Alexandria
AChai, Jan, Azura, Pai, Ava, Chel, Zhun, Pigrim, Sonya
BIliana, Duran, Aideen, Eve
CStella, Muzha


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The Defense class represents your typical tanks. Interestingly, SoulArk: Teleport currently has only three characters in this class—perhaps because the Versatile class features some fighters with solid defensive capabilities.

SNoah, Nikita


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Support SoulArk: Teleport characters set the stage for your attackers to tear through the opponents. The character selection here is somewhat limited, but all SSR heroes will serve you well.

S+Mamba, Amara
SSeo, Scarlett


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The Healer class has one purpose: to keep your team alive. There’s enough characters in this class in SoulArk: Teleport to choose from, although you’ll want to stick to the S+ or S-tier.

STeresa, Celeste
AMeredith, Vanessa
BCurie, Jasmine


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Versatile is the jack-of-all-trades class in SoulArk: Teleport. This class can double as any other, although you should consider a few factors here. For instance, the game already has plenty of powerful SSR Attack heroes, so you likely won’t need to swap out any of them. Also, the Defense and Support roster is a bit lacking in numbers; since Versatile heroes often have a massive health pool and robust defense stats, they’ll fit in as alternate defenders perfectly.

S+Princess Freya, Wen
SSadie, Lei, Raina, Faye

Naturally, the S+ and S-tiers represent the most powerful characters in their class. As a rule, these are the SSR characters that you’ll likely use most often. A-tier is reserved for decent characters that are effective in battles but don’t quite reach S-tier levels. You can find many SR heroes in this tier.

Finally, B and C-tier characters are those you’ll use if no one else is available. These will fall under the SR or R type.

Now you know where each character in SoulArk: Teleport is in terms of their power and class. You can find more tier lists on our Apps & Lists page. Also, check out our pieces with the latest news in mobile gaming, or dive deeper into our Game Guides.

But before you go, tell us about your favorite SoulArk: Teleport characters! Our top picks are, among others, Princess Freya and Mamba.


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SoulArk: Teleport Tier List [November 2023]