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Sonic Racing Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Winning All Races

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Sonic is back, and this time he is teaming up with his buddies! Sonic Racing is the official mobile adaptation of the console racing game Team Sonic Racing. In this race to the finish, you will race alongside two other friends and use race-changing team dynamics to come out on top!

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In our Sonic Racing tips and tricks guide, we will go over the different kinds of Wisps and special driving techniques. When you know what you are going up against, your odds of winning are greatly increased!

So, let’s jump right into it and blast off with Sonic speed with our Sonic Racing cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to winning all races!

Know all of your Wisps!

Wisps are the usable items in Sonic Racing. Much like the items in Mario Kart, the Wisps allow you to attack your opponents, give you a well-timed boost, and so forth. Each Wisp does something different, and you will not have all of them right away. Here is a complete list of the Wisps!

Common Wisps

  • Cyan Laser: Points a laser in front of you. Lock onto an opponent for a few seconds and it will zap them! Level ups increases damage and lock-on range.
  • Violet Void: Sucks in rings, item capsules, and Wisps fired off from opponents. Level ups increase the duration and range.
  • Orange Rocket: Shoots an orange rocket in front of you, which ricochets off of walls. Levels up increase damage and chance of multiple rockets.
  • Magenta Rhythm: Blinds all opponents with magneta colored music notes. Level ups increase duration.
  • Blue Cube: Drops a big blue cube behind you, which damages any opponent who collides with it. Level ups increase damage and the chance of getting multiple cubes.

Rare Wisps

  • Crimson Eagle: Homes in on opponents when fired and explodes upon contact. Level ups increase damage and chance of multiple eagles.
  • Grey Quake: Flies ahead of you and drops multiple stone pillars onto the track. Level ups increase damage and number of pillars.
  • Red Burst: Leave a trail of flames behind you. Level ups increase its damage.
  • Pink Spikes: Surrounds you with a shield of spikes, damaging any opponents who get close to you. Level ups increase damage and duration.
  • Black Bombs: Roll a big bomb ahead, which explodes after a short delay or if it hits an opponent. Level up to increase damage.

Super Rare Wisps

  • White Boost: Gain a boost of speed. Level ups increase the speed.
  • Jade Ghost: Renders you intangible, letting you pass through obstacles. You also steal a Wisp from an opponent. Level ups increase the range you can steal from and the level of the stolen Wisp.
  • Ivory Lightning: Strikes the racer in 1st place with lightning. Will be canceled if you take damage, and it can be dodged by the racer. Level ups increase damage and number of targeted opponents.
  • Yellow Drill: Transform into a drill and ram opponents at high speed. Level ups increase damage and duration.
  • Invincibility Shield: Not technically a Wisp, but still helpful nonetheless! Grants your invincibility to all sources of damage for a short time. Level ups increase duration.

Change your loadout of Wisps!

You can bring five Wisps with you into a race. You may have up to a maximum of five common Wisps, two rare Wisps, and one super rare Wisp. The most common loadout is to have one super rare, one rare, and three commons.

Of course, you do not need to abide by this suggestion, and you can bring whatever you like! The rarer Wisps tend to be a little stronger, but that does not make the common ones obsolete, so mix and match and try out your favorite Wisps!

Use drift boosts to pull ahead of the competition!

When you steer enough in one direction, sparks will start to fly out of your wheels. Your steering wheel will also turn orange. If you continue to hold the turn, your steering wheel will turn pink and your sparks will also turn colors.

Letting go of the wheel will give you a small turbo boost. Try to pull this off whenever a turn is long enough to allow it, and they will help you pull ahead when you are behind – or when you are in the lead!

Using a good mix of Wisps and drift boosts is the key to winning many races!

Complete the Daily Challenges!

Every day you will be given a set of three tasks to complete. They range in difficulty, but you should try to complete as many as you can before they are cycled out. The thing that makes them worthwhile to do is that they offer a bunch of cards, each with different rarities.

You can earn up to 30 super rare cards, 40 rare cards, and 50 common cards if you complete all of the tasks. Daily Challenges and the events are the best way to earn more cards.

Check the limited time events!

On the main menu, you can tap on the event button at the top right corner of the screen to see if there are any special events happening. Alongside Daily Challenges, these limited time events offer loot crates which have a ton of cards in them.

Right now, there is a special event called “Wisp Weekend” happening. You need to use certain Wisps in a race, which is pretty easy.

Understand the car stats!

Every racer has numerical stats that can be hard to understand at first. Well, that’s what we are here for! To break the stats down, you first need to know that there are three categories: technique, speed, and power.

Technique involves your racer’s handling. The Handling stat determines how sharply your racer can turn, and the Boost Charge Time determines how long it takes for drift boosts to charge up for you. On courses with complex turns and twists, Technique racers are your go-to’s.

Speed involves… well, speed! The Top Speed stat is your racer’s maximum speed, while the Charge Boost stat determines the amount of speed you get from drift boosts. Need raw speed? Speed racers are there for you!

Power is your racer’s general ability to withstand damage. Recovery is how fast your racer is able to recover from taking Wisp damage or colliding with obstacles. Ring Capacity is how many rings you can hold. The more rings you are holding when you take damage, the faster you will get back on your feet! Or wheels, in this case!

So, if you want better control, pick a Technique racer. If you want to be able to counter Wisps better, pick a Power racer. If you don’t care about anything and wanna go fast, pick a Speed racer!

Each teammate has a support action!

Out of a team, you can choose who you want to race as, and they will be the Team Captain. The other two racers are your Support racers, and all racers have a special skill they can only use when they are assigned to the Support role.

To unlock more racers, you need to advance in the rankings and move onto the higher Leagues. Upon reaching a League for the first time, you will automatically unlock a new set of racers to play as.

Here is an example list of support actions that are from the starting team, Team Sonic.

  • Sonic has Capsule Gift. Whenever he picks up a Wisp, he will send it to you if you don’t already have one.
  • Tails has Skim Boost. If Tails passes you after you have recently taken damage, you will get a “skim boost,” which is basically a small drift boost.
  • Knuckles has Boost Pad Charge. Whenever Knuckles drives over a pink booster on the track, it will temporarily turn yellow. Hit these yellow boosters to receive a bigger boost! Only his teammates are able to receive this effect.

There are more support actions to be found, but just keep them in mind when you are choosing who to be your Team Captain.

Buy some Wisps from the shop!

You can spend your hard earned coins on Wisps from the shop. Each purchase is worth 20 cards, so they can help you level up your favorite Wisps. You can only buy a certain amount before they run out of stock, and the shop cycles out stock every couple of hours, so check back often!

Try out different controls!

There are three control schemes for Sonic Racing: fixed, thumbstick, and thumb wheel. We recommend you try them out to see which you like the most. They are all viable, so don’t worry about one being better than the other like in Mario Kart Tour.

Fixed is the default setting, which plants a transparent steering wheel in the middle of the screen (you can also hide it completely). You simply need to tap either side of the screen to turn in that direction. You can also change how hard your racer turns using the steering sensitivity option.

Thumbstick creates a virtual stick wherever you touch. You can steer left and right wherever you want on the screen for a more freeform control scheme. If you want to steer anywhere on the screen without the steering wheel, this is the control scheme for you.

Thumb Wheel is about the same as the Thumbstick, but you get the added visual feedback from the steering wheel for better drift boosts.

And that’s all we have for Sonic Racing! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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