Even though he is a selfless and brave hero, Sonic the Hedgehog often needs all the help he can get to take down the bad guys and preventing Eggman from having it his way, and it is the same in Sonic Colors: Ultimate. While all of his friends are nowhere to be seen, with the exception of Tails, Sonic can still some help from the Wisps, colorful beings that grant him a variety of special abilities.

Here’s everything you need to know about the White Wisp and the power it grants.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate White Wisp Abilities

Just like the other Wisps, the White Wisps are social and energetic, ready to offer their help to anyone that isn’t a bad guy. White Wisps are particularly peaceful, and this is fully reflected in the power they grant Sonic during the game.

Unlike all of the other Wisps in Sonic Colors: Ultimate, White Wisps do not grant any sort of special power. They still provide some useful help, as they completely recharge the Boost Gauge, allowing Sonic to accelerate to incredibly fast speeds to destroy obstacles and defeat enemies by simply ramming into them. Given how basic the power granted by the White Wisp is, they are extremely common and can be found in pretty much every stage of the game.

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