Sonic Colors is considered a landmark entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog series as it is the first game in the franchise to feature the Wisps, colorful cute beings that grant Sonic a variety of special powers that have also come back in subsequent entries in the series.

Being a faithful remaster, Sonic Colors: Ultimate also features the Wisps in all of their colorful glory. Here’s everything you need to know about the Green Wisps and the power they grant Sonic.

Green Wisp Abilities

Green Wisps, like all the other Wisps in Sonic Colors: Ultimate, are cheerful and social and get along with pretty much anybody that isn’t a bad guy. They are also somewhat goofy and can be found hovering around in the Starlight Carnival, Planet Wisp, and Aquarium Park stages.

Touching a Green Wisp will grant Sonic the power to transform into the Green Hover, which essentially makes it possible for him to hover in the air, access locations that would not be available without the Green Wisp powers, and explore stages more thoroughly. In Green Hover form, it is also possible to perform a fast-moving Ring Dash by pressing the B button while near multiple rings. Once the Boost Gauge runs out, Sonic will revert to his regular form.

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