Enter the mystical world of SHI•RO, a magical puzzle game that turns your mobile device into a Japanese lacquer box of ancient tales. Based on a real story, SHI•RO tells the story of a curious young empress who one day changes the fate of the world.

The initial clues you have to the past of Japan lies within the Kojiki, the first Japanese writing. In the beginning, the sea was sky and sky was sea. As you solve puzzles in the lacquer box, more words reveal themselves and the story continues.

As players progress through the adventure, they will connect the past with present with empress Gemmei. Through her words players will continue their adventure through old shrines, massive mountains, and even meet a few companions along the way.

SHI•RO contains over 60 handmade puzzles where you must connect lines in a way that separates the sea from the sky. They start out relatively simple, but quickly become more complex as the journey continues.

SHI•RO‘s lacquer box effects are also quite lovely. The game utilizes your device’s gyroscope to simulate the gold and silver shimmering throughout the box, and tilting your device allows you to see it at different angles.

SHI•RO is available now on the iOS App Store for 2.99 USD. Further chapters will be released at a future date.


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