The creators of Bonza Word Puzzle have returned, and they’ve brought classic jigsaw puzzles with them! Introducing Bonza Jigsaw, a new jigsaw puzzle mobile game that’s aimed at all fans of jigsaw puzzles.

Bonza Jigsaw doesn’t aim to reinvent the jigsaw puzzle, but instead opts to streamline the puzzling building experience for mobile platforms and for players of all skill level.

Bonza Jigsaw features a world-traveling theme, which will take you around the globe as you solve jigsaw puzzles featuring real life pictures that relate to your current location. You’ll be solving beautiful landscapes like the Austrian alps, Brazilian beaches, and more. The world’s beauty is at your fingertips, and it’s just a jigsaw puzzle away.

To help with screen clutter and difficulty, Bonza Jigsaw only shows you portions of the puzzle at any single given time. This prevents players from feeling overwhelmed by the sheer size of the more difficult puzzles and it helps you focus on what’s immediately in front of you.

Of course, that isn’t to say that Bonza Jigsaw is without difficulty. The later puzzles will introduce new mechanics and challenges like rotating pieces, mirrored pieces, and a incredibly tough blind mode. There’s a lot of varied difficulty here for the more seasoned puzzle solvers.

Whether you’re a novice puzzle junior or a hardened jigsaw enthusiast, Bonza Jigsaw has got you covered with its beautiful puzzles plus new ones coming every day through the Daily Feed.

Grab Bonza Jigsaw today from the iOS App Store. An Android release is planned for a future date.


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