One dark and cold winter night, a fateful occurrence takes place in a unsuspecting house. Nobody really knows what happened that night; the police said that she ran away, that she got lost in the blizzard. But we know that is far from the truth…

From the closing of a mysterious quote begins the mystery adventure game MonkeyBox #1: Polarized, the first game in TheCodingMonkeys’ planned adventure series. Polarized puts the player in task of discovering the truth behind that winter night in a first-person puzzle solving mystery game.

The way you solve puzzles in this game however is something you have not really seen before: players will need to use their device’s camera to take pictures of objects to transfer them into the game’s world

For example, players will need to use a ladder to get up to a higher place in the game, but there are none to be found in the game world. Instead, you will need to find a ladder in real life and take a picture of it.

And voila, you now have a ladder in the game. Multiple puzzles in the game must be solved this way, so get ready to merge two worlds together in MonkeyBox #1: Polarized, now available on the App Store.


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