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Social Dev Story Cheats: Tips & Guide to Create the Best Games

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our Social Dev Story tips and cheats to help you pick the best categories for the games and create only the best game genres! In Social Dev Story you are basically going through all the stages of being a game developer, from cancelling all of your weekends to starving yourself at work (no joke).

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All of this tiresome process is pictured very awesomely in this great pixel game from Kairosoft, who once again keep us entertained with another addictive game. Since I’m a big fan of pixel graphic games, I can’t help but keep being super into Social Dev Story!

This has lead me to start and create all kinds of combos to discover which are the most profitable ones and learn how to improve the company!

In this article I’ll share with you everything that I learned to help you, too, become one of the best company owners out there and make the best decisions! So, are you ready? Then let’s dive right into the Social Dev Story tips and tricks!

First things first: Buy many computers

One of the very first things you should do once you started gathering funds is investing into computers, because that way you can have multiple workers doing stuff at once – programmers, networkers, planners and so on. 

The more computers you have the better it is for the company, because you will be able to have more and more workers at your office. This translates into you finishing the games much faster and with less efforts, so it’s better.

Level up your employees as much as you can

Investing in this is a very important feature because the more your employees will level up, the more damage they will do and that is very good when it comes to high HP new games that you want to develop.

You can level up your employees by feeding them various stuff, from bananas to cookies and pancakes and other such items. These can be found by either purchasing them or by discovering them when developing new games. 

When developing tough games, use the Assistants

This is a feature that you can only find when you are in the interface during the game development, and that is something you can use to your advantage. Once your company’s CEO is basically all grown up you can use them as an assistant to help boost your team’s stats or improve either the damage or heal them up.

There will be several other Assistants you will get from fan mails and chests, but they are limited (you see the number of available Assistants for each once you acquire them) and I suggest that you only use them when absolutely necessary.

All of the Assistants will cost money to use, but it’s a really low amount so definitely go ahead and do it! Also – one other thing you could do is use the CEO to heal your team up in case their health went low, if you don’t want to spend food to heal them or wait.

This is the fastest way, especially if you are certain that the CEO’s heal will not be needed in other circumstances. 

Save coins for the bigger and better decors

There are tons of decorations you can add to your office, but in my opinion one of the best things you can save your coins for is the bigger and better decors, such as the Server Room, Recording Studio, Cafe Area, Nap Room and so on. These cost quite a lot compared to the other smaller facilities, but they also give better stats overall. 

The price for purchasing them increases the more you buy, so I would advise you to get them one by one because that way you can also manage your money better. You can find them in the “Rcmd.” tab in the decorations shop and they occupy the bigger white squares of space in the office. 

Purchase the decors which boost your best employees

There are several types of decors and employees, each with different perks. While some are designers, others are engineers and so on. There are items which boost each of these skills, so depending on which employees predominate in your office, I suggest that you purchase the decors which boost these stats the most.

Also, according to which are your best skilled employees, you can aim to make them even better with the matching decors, because like that you will have the skills to create games much easier.

Try out different combos

There are going to be endless modes and play styles, and I suggest that you try as many combos as you can because some of them can turn out pretty good and profitable and that will bring in a pretty good penny.

One of the best things you can do is create the same genre again and again to make profit and discover all the game types it goes with, but you also need a little spontaneity, because some successful games will be discovered when you least expect it.

So therefore I suggest that you try out various combinations, and if you want a little hint – on the things that you haven’t combined together yet will have a grey question mark. You can try these out before moving on to the next best thing just to see which is the average grade for that particular game genre. 

If you see little baby CEOs outside your office, make requests

As odd as that sounds, there will be some babies outside of your office which are basically your request offers. There, every once in a while, you can tap on them to make requests, so keep an eye out for this odd little feature.

Release games as Free-To-Play to top your downloads

Even if this costs quite a bit, you should try this option because it will skyrocket your downloads and you will reach new download records. This won’t work super good every time unless you have some very good genre in mind that you will create very well. 

Always Start Developing after you release a new game

Because when you press “Start Developing” it will take a bit, if you head on there this is the best to start working on the next game as soon as you finished with the first one and you are waiting for the results.  

Invest in the bigger developers when you can

When you will contract new developers you can earn new goodies, and they will promote your game even more, thus resulting in better downloads and profits. So whenever you have the funds needed, consider investing in this because they will be worth it.

When you start you only have Sego and Comcap, but as new ones get released, you will be able to try them out – but only after you have enough money. Since contracting a new platform can cost even thousands of dollars, in my opinion you need to start saving some money!

Feed your employees their favorite stuff and improve them

When you get various foods you will sometimes see a pink star or an exclamation mark on top of a dish when you want to give it to an employee. When you see the pink star, it means that the employee will get increased exp from that item, by 1.5! 

If you see an exclamation mark on top of an item, it means that the specific item can be used along with others to enhance that employee. You can also see what each employee needs if you open their menu and check in the “Upgrade” tab. Save the best ones to improve them, because it will be well worth it!

These would be all of our Social Dev Story tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you have some more game tips that you’d like to share with us? Leave a comment down below and tell us!

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Cristina Mesesan
I have been playing games ever since I can remember. My passion for video games and especially pixel graphic games must have started back when I was little, because every time I try a new game with pixel graphics I immediately fall addicted to it! I started writing about mobile games in November 2018, focusing on creating in-depth guides for the most popular titles out there. Other than games, I am also passionate about design, and working on my very own pixel game in my free time.