The final frontier is calling! Humans are on the verge of a scientific breakthrough about space, but they need more data. That’s where you come in! A legion of mini robots have been built just for space exploration, and now it’s up to you to guide them in Cosmobot Hyper Jump!

Cosmobot Hyper Jump is a fast-paced action game full of arcade gameplay. Launch your Cosmobot into space, and then help them journey through the stars! Your Cosmobot will orbit around mini planets; simply tap the screen to make them jump to the next planet.

Good timing is a must if you want to dodge all of those nasty obstacles! Lasers, spikes, even nasty aliens will stand in your way to make sure that no level feels the same. You have to be on your toes at all times if you want your Cosmobot to make it back in one piece!

But, even if your Cosmobot takes a beating on the return trip, a quick fixer upper will do the trick! And even then, you’ve got a whole army of Cosmobots to deploy! Each Cosmobot comes equipped with their own unique look and personality, complete with special abilities. Build them all!

Launch into the stars today, as Cosmobot Hyper Jump is available now on the iOS App Store.


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