The Peanuts gang returns back to the mobile platform with Capcom’s latest release: Snoopy Puzzle Journey! Join the Peanuts gang as they go on a global journey with Snoopy, the world famous beagle.

Snoopy Puzzle Journey is an all new match-3 tile puzzle game. Colored tiles will take up the board, and simply tapping any group of at least three matching colors will make the tiles break. Clear all of the required tiles to move onto the next level!

Matching more than three tiles at a time will result in special tiles forming, just like in other match-3 puzzle games. Utilizing these special pieces is the key to clearing the board fast and making sure you have some moves left over!

As players clear levels, they will move from locale to locale, soaking up the local culture. Snoopy and the gang will visit world famous cities, and you can even get fun cultural outfits for Snoopy to wear. The best travelers travel in style!

The game also features an extra mode that contains additional levels with the difficulty ramped up. Cannot get enough of the Peanuts gang? This mode is for you!

Snoopy Puzzle Journey is available now as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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