One item that is a part of of the Sneaky Sasquatch camera club photo requests is the fabled jerrycan. These little canisters are made for holding oil, so where exactly would you find one? We’ve got all the answers for you here in our Sneaky Sasquatch guide on where to find the jerrycan!

Head to the Race Track

Jerrycans are used to hold oil. Oil is mainly for cars. Where are there cars? You guessed it – by the race track! Drive up north from the campgrounds to reach the race track. Head west from the race track entrance to find the garage where you bring in your vehicles for speed upgrades. You should be able to spot a little red jerrycan near the back of the garage.

Alternatively, you can also find jerrycans at the lumber mill workshop. The race track is closer to you than the lumber mill is though, so that’s only if you’re already in the area.

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