Sneaky Sasquatch Rabbit Race Guide: Tips and Cheats

Sneaky Sasquatch Rabbit Race Guide: Tips and Cheats

Sneaky Sasquatch is an exciting quest where players play as cute and curious Sasquatch. The game has a lot of different activities and an interesting story, passing through which you can get various things. Sasquatch can fish, swim and race. In this guide, we will tell you about the Rabbit Race. Let’s go!

Rabbit Race in Sneaky Sasquatch

One day while walking you can meet a cute rabbit near the raccoon shop. Talk to him to find out where you can participate in the race and that the main prize will be shoes that increase your speed. Next, you need to go to the named place and talk to the rabbit again to start.

The race itself is a run to a certain point in the allotted time. Moreover, you cannot wear disguises during the race, which will create a bit of a problem for you. As soon as you talk to the rabbit at the starting point, you will automatically remove the disguise. During the race, you will have to avoid people, as they will immediately raise the alarm, and if you are caught by people, the race will be considered lost.

There will be 12 races in total and by winning the last one you will receive the coveted sprinting shoes. Here are some tips on how to win them:

  • First and foremost, always prepare your path before a race. For example, block the roadway with cars, or vice versa, clear your way.
  • Second, try to start a dialogue with the rabbit a couple of steps away from him, you can use a dog for this, or if it is possible to park a car nearby at a certain angle.

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Sneaky Sasquatch Rabbit Race Guide: Tips and Cheats


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