Sneaky Sasquatch Guide: How To Make Lots of Coins on the New Island


Hey sneaky sasquatches! The new update for the hit Apple Arcade game Sneaky Sasquatch has finally arrived, and this time things are getting a little tropical, just in time for Summer! A new island has appeared near the town, and that means plenty of new minigames and activities to play!

Officially added in version 1.4.1, the new island hosts a number of new experiences for Sasquatch. In this guide we will show you how to get to the new island and how to make lots of coins on it, because we all know you need deep pockets to get anywhere in Sneaky Sasquatch!

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our Sneaky Sasquatch guide on how to make lots of coins on the new island!

How to get to the New Island

To start things off, get in your vehicle of choice and drive to the town. If you have not played the game for a while, the town is to the west of the campground.

Once you get to the town, drive to the heart of it and then start heading south. You should eventually reach a road that goes straight down with a sign that says “Marina” on it.

When you get to the marina, you will pass by a boat shop. You can purchase your first boat here, but you will need a boating license to do so which you get – you guessed it – on the island itself. Keep on going and you will find the ferry boarding line.

The ferry costs 200 coins for a one-way trip, so make sure you come prepared. Also, for a much easier time, try to have at least 750 spending coins with you before you head out to the island.

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How to get the Boat License

Once you are on the island, we recommend stopping by the visitors center before you do anything else, which is directly west of the ferry boarding line. Talk to the guy behind the counter to get a map, which gives you a nice layout of the island!

On the way to the visitors center, you probably passed by a big building – that is the place where you can take the boating exam. Head inside and talk to the person on the left and sign the contract, but make sure not to sign in the blank space, or else they will call the rangers on you!

The boat exam is fairly easy, as you simply need to complete a single lap around the course without hitting the buoys too much. Boats control similar to cars, but as to be expected they maintain momentum much longer than car do because of the water, so make sure you turn earlier than usual. Take your time and you should pass with no problems!

Blending In and Getting the Boat & Surfboard

Once you get the boat license, you can spend the rest of the day checking out the island. To the left of the visitors center is a shop where you can buy a surfboard for 500 coins and island clothes for 250 coins. Remember how I said to bring at least 750 coins with you?

The island clothes make it so that the island rangers get less suspicious of you when they see you, so that can be useful for blending in, though it is not required. The surfboard allows you play the surfing minigame, which is one of the new island experiences. Buy them both!

As a side note, at any point if it gets too late and you want to continue exploring the island, there is a man with an RV who lives on the west side of the island. He will let you stay in his RV per night for a mere 20 coins!

Now, it is time to purchase your first boat. Here is a quick tip: you can use your map to fast travel to your campground home, so that you can avoid paying the 200 ferry fee to get back to the mainland.

Before you head to the marina, make sure you have 1,500 coins in your bank account. You cannot pay for the boat with pocket money.

Once you get the boat, you can start driving it right away, but you will notice that it is pretty slow. Thankfully there is a boat mechanic on the docks of the marina, so drive your boat in there to customize the color and upgrade it.

The first boat upgrade costs 500 coins, while the second one costs 1,000 coins. We recommend buying them both as it will make the first boat race much easier to beat. Play some of the earlier minigames like the race track of the ski slopes to earn some extra coins if you need to.

Beating the First Boat Race

Now that your boat is souped up and ready to go, you should have no problem tackling the first boat race. It is a simple 2-lap race around an easy course, and with the upgrades your boat will pull ahead of the group pretty quickly.

When you get 1st place, you will earn a whopping 700 coins for your first win. After that, winning the race will only net you 350 coins, which is still pretty good.

To partake in the other races, you will need a better boat, but unfortunately it will be some time before the marina shop restocks its boats. In the mean time, you can try out surfing!

Beating All Nine Surf Champions

At the southwestern point of the island lies the Surf Shack. Here you can participate in surf events and upgrade your surfboard. The surfboard shaper will want you to improve your reputation as a surfer before she agrees to upgrade your board, though.

You can play the events now, but you might have a hard time with the current shape of your board. Instead, you can work on upping your rep with the island, and to do this you must hunt down and challenge the nine surf champions on the island.

When you take down a champion, the surfboard shaper will grant you an upgrade point to use. Your surfboard can be upgraded in three ways: speed, handling, and weight.

Speed increases the maximum amount of speed you can gain, making it easier to catch big air and pull of huge tricks.

Handling increase the rate at which your surfboard spins in the air, making longer trick chains easier to pull off.

Weight makes your surfboard more stable, which means smoother re-entries when you are coming down from an air trick.

Each category can be upgraded three times, but you only get a single point every time you beat a surf champion. Here is a complete list of where to find all of them!

  • The first champion is inside the Surf Shack.
  • The second champion is the sales associate in the shop.
  • The third champion is a beachgoer at the northside beach.
  • The fourth champion is the RV dude that lets you stay in his RV!
  • The fifth champion is the guy running the taco truck next to the shop.
  • The sixth champion is standing outside of the Surf Shack.
  • The seventh champion is the guy inside the visitors center.
  • The eight champion is another beachgoer at the northside beach.
  • The final champion is the boating instructor from the licensing office!!

Once you defeat all champions, you will be able to upgrade your surfboard to the fullest, allowing you to crush the competition in the surfing events!

Surfing Tips

Now that you have all that power in your surfboard, it is time to put it to the test in the events. The events work just like the champion battles – you need to score a certain amount of points to win.

Scoring is based on the amount of tricks you do in the air. When you are riding the wave, pull down a bit to build up some speed, then swing back up to launch yourself into the air.

When you are in the air, hold down the left or right sides of the screen to rotate in that direction. The more spins you pull off, the more points you earn. But, the most important thing to earn tons of points is to stick the landing.

When you are coming back down from your jump, try to angle your board so that you are facing the direction you are moving. In most cases, this means you should point your board southeast. If you do it right, all of the points you got from the tricks will be doubled!

This is the key to getting high scores in a short amount time. The wave slowly speeds up as the match goes on, and it will eventually catch up to you.

If you manage to beat all of the events, you will become the new island champion and you will be able to stay at the Surf Shack for free overnight – not to mention earn a lot of coins in the process!

Boating Tips

As you complete the surfing events, be sure to check out the boat shop on the marina – there will be new boats for you to buy as time passes.

You will need different types of boats to get into the various challenges, so you will eventually need to own them alll.

Thankfully though, the boating course do not really seem to change that much even though you are using different boats – your goal is still win the race in first place. Just make sure you max out the upgrades on the boat you are using and you should be able to complete races with no problems.

That’s all for our guide on the new island in Sneaky Sasquatch! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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