That Sneaky Sasquatch is back at it again, but hopefully by now you have helped save the park and proved what a good citizen you are. If you have not, have no fear – there is plenty more fun shenanigans for you to take part in!

Sneaky Sasquatch’s 1.3 update has released a few days ago and it adds a whole slew of new stuff to do. First off, as mentioned, there is now a new storyline where Sasquatch must help save the park once more from evil corporations.

We will not spoil what exactly, but let us just say that there is a whole new town for players to explore! Once get far enough in the new storyline, Sasquatch himself can now climb the corporate ladder and work in an office. Investments and business were never really Sasquatch’s thing, but what better time to learn than now?

The Town also features a modern arcade that is filled with all of the latest games. Sasquatch can play these fun little minigames to earn coins and pass the time when he needs a break from corporate life. He can partake in a obstacle hurdle dash, drive a virtual car, and more.

This update also adds a bunch of new food items to munch on, and plenty of new disguises to help you blend in with the non-park folks. Eventually, Sasquatch will even get to rent out his own apartment and live life on his own in the big city!

All of these new opportunities are now available in the new Sneaky Sasquatch 1.3 update.


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