Smite Blitz Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Master the Battle System

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The battleground of the Gods await you, champion! Smite Blitz is a tactical strategy RPG adaptation of Hi-Rez Studio’s popular MOBA Smite. All of your favorite Gods are here, including Thor, Zeus, Ares, Loki, and more! Command them in tactical combat and utilize their powerful abilities!

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In our Smite Blitz tips and tricks guide, we will go over battle tactics and how to command your squad effectively and efficiently. We will also go over the different ways of improving your Gods and how to get more resources.

Smite Blitz is a hefty game and there is a lot to bite into, so no more hesitation! Let’s get right to it with our Smite Blitz cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to battle effectively!

Complete Gods class list!

Before you can head into the battlegrounds, you will need to know the different types of Gods and their classes. Each God has a class that represents what they excel in battle, and knowing them all is the key to building a balanced team!

  • Guardians are the frontline main tanks of your team. These Gods have high amounts of health and defense, making them the perfect role to lead the charge into battle. Their skills often provide them with ways of taunting opponents and bolstering their defenses even further. Their damage output is relatively low, but they’re great for soaking up damage.
  • Mages are ranged magic damage dealers and supports who attack foes from afar using powerful skills. They have high magic attack, and their skills tend to be AoE. Some mages also have support-focused skills, which can heal and buff up your team. Mages are pretty squishy, so you need to keep them safe while they help the rest of your team.
  • Assassins are high octane melee fighters that deal big amounts of burst physical damage to single targets. They even more fragile than Mages, so they tend to have skills that let them get around safely. Many Assassins also have access to crippling debuff moves that allow them to further debilitate enemies.
  • Hunters are ranged physical damage dealers who can dish out sustained, consistent damage. They dish out steady streams of physical damage, and while they might not have the huge burst potential like Assassins do, they usually have stuns and control skills that allow them to manipulate their enemies.
  • Warriors are physical melee fighters that bring the pain to enemies up close. They are not as tanky as Guardians, but they can still hold their own decently with the aid of self-buffing skills and abilities. They also deal more damage than Guardians with higher attack stats and skills.

Most of the Adventure levels allow you to bring a maximum of five Gods with you into battle, meaning that you can have a God of each class, which is what you should do. Balanced team compositions is the key to victory!

Complete Adventure Mode!

Early on, you will not get many Sacrificial Crystals, the currency you need to perform summons. Your main method of getting new Gods is through Adventure Mode. At key points in the story, you will automatically gain enough shards to summon a new God.

For beginners, we recommend playing through all of Adventure Mode as soon as you are able to. Not only will you build up a decent team of Gods, you will also be familiarized with the classes and their strengths.

Try out new formation tactics!

Your Gods will always move in a squadron formation, using a 3×3 grid. You can reposition your Gods before a level, and formation is very important. As one example, you definitely do not want your Mages or Hunters in the front, as they will get eaten alive.

One all-purpose formation that works well for us is to two have a Guardian and Warrior in the front, a mage in the center, and a hunter in the back. Assassins can usually be put somewhere in the middle or front, provided your Guardian and Warrior can take the heat off of them.

Use new formations for different objectives!

Most of the Adventure Mode levels will see your team fight their way through waves of enemies until the end. Every now and then you will have a level that has a special objective. Sometimes you might need to protect an important object of sorts, and this is where things get a little tricky.

These “protect the objective” levels will try to pull sneaky stuff on you, like spawning enemies behind your team. These enemies will either go for your fragile backline, or start attacking the objective, both of which are very bad.

If you don’t get all three stars on these levels, it is probably because you let the objective take too much damage. On these levels, we like to change our formations so that more of the DPS Gods are hanging out in the backline. This makes it so that your team can respond quicker to the surprise attacks.

Get all three stars for greater rewards!

Every Adventure Mode level has three starts for you to collect. You will need to fulfill different objectives, but for the most part as long as you do not let any of your Gods fall in battle you should be fine.

On certain levels, like the aforementioned protect/escort levels, you will need to keep the target above a certain amount of health. The more stars you get on a level, the better your rewards will be.

Not only that, but each chapter collectively adds up all your stars. If you earn enough stars in total, you can open the chapter chests which contain gold, gems, sacrificial crystals, and blitz tokens. You can use sacrificial crystals to try your hand at summoning new Gods!

Watch out for the boss skills!

You may have noticed a red bar that slowly fills up below a boss’ health meter. When this bar fills up all the way, the boss will unleash its ultimate skill. These skills range from straight damage, summoning new enemies, or introducing new mechanics to the fight.

Whatever happens, be prepared! Use your mages to heal up and shield your team to mitigate damage, or get ready for your DPS Gods to take out the additional enemies as fast as possible.

Upgrade your Gods!

There are a multitude of ways to improve your Gods’ CP. If your CP is too low to take on the tougher levels, make sure to revisit your Gods gear and see if they are using up-to-date equipment.

The first thing you want to do is to improve their levels. Gods’ skills can only level up to their base level – if a God is only level 5, their skills can only go up to level 5, and so forth. Use your experience potions to catch up new Gods or simply power up your favorites without having to grind.

Secondly, improve their gear. Upgrade all six pieces of gear, as you should have no problem with gold in this game. When they hit max level, use upgrade materials to bring gear up to the next tier of upgrades, then continue to improve them. You can earn the resources from various level drops.

Lastly, improve their skills. All four skills of a God, including their ultimate, can be upgraded to be more efficient. You need Skill Stones in order to upgrade them, so make sure you always have a good supply of those.

Complete challenges for Strength Crystals!

When the tutorial teaches you about Star Augments, you will already have a few Strength Crystals so that you can activate some nodes right away. Each node grants a permanent passive stat boost to every single one of your Gods, so Star Augments are a wonderful way of getting massive CP boosts.

You can earn Strength Crystals through completing chapters and sometimes earning them from chests. There is another way to get more, and that is through challenges. When you are going through Adventure Mode, you may have noticed that some levels are marked with a Strength Crystal icon.

These levels have special challenges in them, in addition to the 3-star requirements. You can see what the challenges is in the box at the bottom left. These challenges will ask you to do a variety of things – for example, level 2-1 requires you to bring two mages and to complete the level with 4 minutes left on the clock.

Successfully completing the challenges will award you with a precious Strength Crystal. Some of these challenges are rather tricky, so don’t worry if you cannot do them at first. You can always come back later with a stronger team.

Venture into the Hall of Chaos for important resources!

The Hall of Chaos opens up in the middle of chapter 1, but fully opens after you complete chapter 4. There are three challenges to overcome here, and each challenge gives you three attempts. Your attempts recharge every day.

The first challenge is the Mummy Desert. You have a few minutes to get through hordes of mummies, so bring Gods with AoE attacks. Getting through this will reward you with a heaping ton of Skill Crystals, making this is the best farming method for those.

The second challenge is Urd’s Source. You will have to fight off against minions of Gods, but you will be rewarded with a ton of experience potions.

The final challenge is the Harpy Camp. The harpies love to collect shiny objects, which means they have hoarded a lot of gold. This challenge is the best place to farm for gold if you ever need to.

Complete the Divine Call event to get Zeus!

In celebration of the game’s launch, there is a special event ongoing called “Divine Call”. There are seven days to it with a total of 170 different quests. If you can complete all of the quests, you will receive a Zeus Shard which can summon Zeus onto your team.

The first day of quests have been unlocked, and to do all of the day 1 quests you need to do four things: complete chapter 9, win 50 arena matches, be in the top 50 arena rankings, and reach party level 45.

This is obviously quite a lot, but you have seven days to do all of the quests. As long as you make sure to do as many quests as you can each day, you should be fine! Zeus is a great addition to have to your team.

Claim your free energy to stockpile it!

In the bonus section, you can receive daily and weekly login rewards. In addition to that, you also have access to bonus energy meals throughout the day. Free players can get two free energy servings.

You earn 50 energy per meal, so you can get 100 free energy once a day. Energy stockpiles even after you have hit your limit, so don’t be afraid to take the free meals.

And that is all for our guide on Smite Blitz’s battle system. We know there are limitless strategies to this game, so if you have any tips to share with us, talk about it in the comments below!

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Smite Blitz Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Master the Battle System

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