Smiley Boom is a puzzle game designed for the iOS. It involves lining up three or more characters (Smileys) in order of their colour.  The object of the game is to reach a certain amount of points within a limited number of moves. Once a level is complete you will advance onto the next stage in which the puzzle will become increasing more difficult as you advance. This Smiley Boom Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide will help ease your path through the game.

1. Lives


You can gain lives via Facebook in order to continue the game. Alternatively the lives are set on a timer. You will be given five attempts during the game and then a timer will appear to indicate when you will be able to play again. If you cannot wait then the option for requesting lives from people you know that also play the game will help you continue.

2.  Reset

You can reset your board if you don’t like the look of it. This can give you a stratical advantage, therefore before you start each game decipher over the board as to whether you think you can make some good early progress. If not then you can use the reset option which is in the pause menu.

3. More than three

When making matching combinations try to make four or more Smileys combine as this will create Super Smileys and this will help clear the board and score more points.

4. Combining Special Smileys

This is the best move to make in the game, by combining the two it will help clear the stage and combination has a different effect.

5. Clear blocks

Whenever there is anything blocking your moves within the game it is best to remove these as soon as possible. They will take more attempts to remove however it is best to clear them out the way in order to give you an open stage to make combinations with.

6. Do not always use the suggestions

Sometimes the suggestions are not as useful as they should be they can often lead to more problems. Before a suggestion is made via the green arrow take a look to see whether this move will be beneficial, and look for an alternative move instead.  As it is better to have options, therefore suggested moves should be used as a last resort.



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