The newest installation in the Smashy Road series is here! Smashy Road: Arena brings all new locales, cars, and weapons to the smashy fray. All new in this installation is online multiplayer! Play Smashy Road against three other random players in an all-out battle to see who’s the last car remaining!

There’s a lot of fun to be had here so let’s get started with our Smashy Road: Arena cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Grab the blue boxes!

During your high speed chase, you’ll sometimes see blue boxes scattered around the ground. You’ll receive a nice sub weapon if you manage to drive over one of these boxes. Try to get them when you can as they can save your life when your main weapon is still recharging! Tap the button at the top left to use your sub weapon. Each sub weapon is single use. If you pick up another box while you’re already holding a sub weapon, nothing will happen, so be sure to use the one you have before you get another!

2. Collect the cash!

As lame as this sounds, if money is what you’re after, it might actually be beneficial to not attack any of the cops. The blue and red bars at the top of the screen indicate how much of a threat you are to the police. The more bars you have, the more resistance you’ll face. If you want to collect money in peace, it’s best to not attack any cars. At the start of each round you’ll only have one bar which means about three cops on you at any given time. This is manageable as long as you can dodge them properly.

3. Duck out of harm’s way!

Your main weapon must recharge after it’s fired – and for good reason! Your main cannon is more than capable of taking out any kind of cop car by launching it into the air with a huge explosion. It takes a couple of seconds to lock on first though, so keep that in mind. Once you fire it, you might want to play it safe and dodge the cops until it’s recharged. That means no charging into huge groups of cars and staying away from the police as much as possible!

4. Watch out for backing up!

You probably know that if you’re stuck in one place for too long, you will be automatically arrested and the game ends. Did you also know that if your car collides with something in front, it begins to back up after a couple of seconds? You might’ve noticed that too. It’s hard to take advantage of when the game doesn’t really tell you about it. If you ever get caught in a sticky situation and you’re completely blocked in front, don’t panic! Wait until you start backing up and then make sure to turn appropriately to get yourself out of there.

5. Use the train!

Each level has train tracks going down the middle of the level. Occasionally the train will go by and the train is very long! If the heat is too much, use the train to your advantage. Find the head of the train as fast as you can and any following cops should ram straight into the train.

That’s all for Smashy Road: Arena! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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