What would you say if I told you that intelliPLUG can turn your home into a smart home without the astronomical costs of your regular smart gadgets? You’d say that I’m crazy, but that’s not smart! intelliPLUG is, on the other hand and it comes at an unbeatable price!

Created by cnct, this is a smart plug. How does it work? You simply plug it in an electrical socket and download the iOS and Android app which allows you to control it wirelessly. Using the app, you can turn on/off plugs, set timers for devices and schedule plugs to turn on/off automatically.


It also works with Amazon’s Alexa and it’s scheduled for an update to incorporate Google Assistant in the near future. So you can also control it simply using your voice, just like in the movies. The best part is that as additional implementations are added, the existing intelliPLUG will work without the need for product updates or upgrades.

In other words, you can schedule your coffee maker to prepare coffee for you every day at a specific hour (you can even set up different times for different days: for example, during the weekend when you wake up later). Or you can simply turn it on when you feel like while still being in bed. Or at work. Or in an airplane – the options are endless here.

Of course, it’s not just coffee making that intelliPLUG is good at. Basically, any electrical device that requires to be plugged in in order to operate can be turned into a smart device. The best thing is that the said devices don’t have to be smart themselves. intelliPLUG takes care of everything and it can literally change the way you live!

Here’s a video showing you intelliPLUG in action:

It’s extremely cheap as well! The smart plug is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign here and the promotional price is $19.99 for a 2-pack. I don’t think that there are any smart devices selling for such a low price and definitely this one can prove to be insanely useful!



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